Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I have learned something new about Alzheimer's. My friend, Debbie, told me about movers. I think Mom is a mover which is why she sleeps so much in the afternoon. She often is up way way way before me and I find her at the gate looking out. She no longer tries to go out of the gate, she just looks out. Sometimes she comes in my room, covers me up, and then goes out again. She also sits on her bed in the mornings when I am sleeping too. Thank goodness I have good friends who are knowledgeable about so many things especially this disease! I am so blessed with friends like that!

Mom took a little (3 hour) nap this afternoon, she slept straight through 2 lessons which is surprising because she usually hears them. She didn't move during either lesson. They were good lessons, both Zach and Charlie are doing well. Zachary got some new songs this week. One was definitely a challenge for the young man. Charlie has a method book for his saxophone, so he gets new music every week. Zachary takes voice lessons, so it is a bit different that teaching the tenor saxophone. Katie was ill, so she had to cancel her lesson. Poor kid. She has just not been healthy during this spring at all this year. I hope she feels better by the end of the week.

I have to mail the W2's from 2009 this week. I have a couple of other pieces of paperwork to send in too. I can't believe our payroll service didn't do it like they did every other year. I was really annoyed when I got the letter. It is a drag to find out that the service you paid for didn't do their job. Nothing I can do about it right now though. I won't ever need to use them again. At the time they were a good service, but boy, now I don't think they were a good service since I have to send in the papers. Thank goodness I do have the papers, they didn't even tell me I had to send it in, or I would have done it in 2009 right away.

Frank is considering going to competition. I have to look up the test list for him tonight so I will have them ready for his lesson next Monday. I hope I don't have to buy anything. I have over 700 pieces of music (both sheet music and books), you would think I would have enough choices for the students. There is also a test list for the vocal students. The only one who might go is Katie, I don't think Zachary is going, it is rather expensive to go. Aggie is planning to go, but she is too old for test list. (I think she is anyways! - I will check into that) It all depends on how the little Mom does between now and then whether or not I go. Tillie has already said she would go with me to be with Mom so that end is covered. I do want to go if my students go because I am always interested in their performances. I will know by the end of the month, since everything is due May 28 and it is only the 11th right now.

It has been raining cats and dogs all day today. My head has been hurting a bit more than usual because of it. Mom has been okay - well, she has slept through most of the afternoon. We met up with some friends at Tim Horton's this morning. It was fun. I also paid my car payment! I am on time with all my payments now. Tomorrow i will call to change the date of my car payment is due. We don't get Mom's money until the 4th Wednesday of the month and mine comes in on the 3rd, but they way the other bills come in and need to be paid, the car gets pushed to the 4th Wednesday.

I hope this finds you doing well and having a good day. If you have sunshine, pass it along up here! Otherwise, we will all survive the rain together! Have a great day!

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