Sunday, May 2, 2010

I was planning on going to see Oceans today, but we didn't make it. Mom is leaning to the left today and seems kinda tired, so we will go maybe next week. If we miss it in the movies, there is always the DVD! Which wouldn't bother me to wait until the DVD, I mean, it isn't like it's Eclipse or the newest Harry Potter movie! Those we have to see in the movie theatre, oceans, would be nice, but it is okay to miss.

Mom is resting in the living room, she must have been up real early again. I am going to have to start putting her back into bed. When she woke, her left side hurt, which is strange because she lays on the right side, not the left, so I don't know why that side would hurt. Either way, she is resting in the living room. It was difficult for her to walk in Walmart, well, walk in general today, don't know why, she is slow to begin with, and even slower today. Not a good thing when I am riding in the scooter at the store. But we were able to get the items we needed plus new PJ's for Mom! They are Tinkerbell and they will look adorable on her. I can't wait until tonight to put them on her! She will look so cute. They will keep her warm but not too warm like the sweat pants were doing. She was getting over heated in them. The sleeves on the new pajamas are long so for her, that is good. They are probably a little heavy on the material side for most people, but for a person who is cold all the time, they will be great. Not to mention the cuteness factor.

I finished putting the paper together for the American Guild of Music Competition info. I don't know how many students want to go, or if any, but since it isn't super far away, I will offer it for the summer. I will be passing it out this week. I already know Lily isn't going because Summer Music Theatre is going on at the same time and she plans to be involved with that. I am planning to go and see her in the play at the end of July. She is such a doll. Mom will like it too. If we go to Chicago (where the competition is) then Tillie will be going too to help with Mom. I already asked her this week, she has never been to Chicago, so she said yes! I am thankful for that because I would need help with Mom when I am busy with the competition. We hope to do some sightseeing while we are there too. Tillie is bring her wheelchair for Mom and I will have my scooter. The planetarium and the aquarium are really neat. Mom and I have seen those before, but they are well worth seeing again. I think Tillie would like those too. Since I have a handicap parking sticker, we get good parking too. The two buildings are right next to each other. I don't know what sightseeing is around where we are staying. The hotel is 30 minutes from the downtown area. It may have things to see right around there, like when we were at Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum was right near by. As it gets closer and if we are also going, I will look into it. If I only have 1 or 2 or 3 students interested, I am not going. I will attend only if there are 4 or more students going.

We are almost all caught up on bills. Once I make my car payment tomorrow, we will be caught up from behind. Yes, I will get behind again because the payment is due the 15th and the money doesn't come in until the 28th, but if I call, they may switch the date it is due. I have asked before and they said if you are caught up and up to date, they may be able to switch the due date. I am going to be calling and asking that is for sure! It feels nice to be up to date with bills, I can then plan better and maybe even put some away for a vacation, a cheap vacation to be sure, but a vacation nonetheless. It could be the trip to Chicago for the weekend or a trip to Kalamazoo for the weekend to see Kathy! Either way, it is a nice feeling not being so behind! It is very stressful being in charge of the money. No wonder Mom used to get stressed over it when I was a kid. It is hard when you don't have enough to pay the bills. I have now used most of the money we found when we cleaned Mom's room. I used almost all of it to pay outstanding bills. I couldn't save it for a vacation because we were getting so far behind (because we were behind and never had enough to totally catch up!). I used the instrument sales money for the ads for the newspaper. I saw the proof, the newspaper people did a great job, it looks really nice! I can't wait to see it in the newspaper. Oh yeah, need to email about a receipt. I need a receipt for tax purposes. I think I will be getting one, but just in case I am going to email about it.

Not much else happening in our house today. Next Sunday is Mother's Day. I am going to get her a bouquet of Spring Flowers. She loves fresh flowers and the spice up the kitchen so nicely. I don't know what else we will be doing, possibly a movie, possibly a dinner, we shall see how she is next week. I don't even know if she realizes when Mother's Day is. Not to worry, I will be sure to let her know!

It is muggy out today, warm and muggy. I have shorts on for the first time this year. I never put Mom in shorts because she freezes inside buildings and that would be bad. I only put her in one hoodie this afternoon and I think she was alright, but I am not sure as she didn't tell me if she was cold or not. I asked, but she didn't answer. She doesn't answer so much anymore, sometimes I have to ask her several times before she can process it to answer. Just par for the course I guess. Well, I am going to check on her now. I hope this finds you having a nice day! Enjoy the spring weather (unless it is raining where you are, and then, stay inside where it is dry!)

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