Monday, May 10, 2010

Mom is sleeping in her chair in the dining room right next to me. She fell asleep in Grace's lesson too. It was kinda cute. Poor thing is so tired. I don't know why. She was up before me but that isn't anything new. She often is up before me as I don't get up very early. It is almost noon before I roll out of bed. She is the morning person, not me. If I have company or a reason I have to get up, I will, but other than that, I won't. Not if I don't have to. I try to get as much sleep as possible. I only woke up a few times last night, so it qualifies as a good night.

I have 3 more lessons for the afternoon/evening. Calli is at sports camp so I don't have her today. I hope she is having a ball. I imagine she is, she is very good at sports. They have this sport just for visually impaired people called goal ball, she especially loves that and gymnastics. She is such a cute young person. She is enthusiastic about so much of what she does, she makes teaching a blast. it is nice to have a student just like her. I need several more just like her and that would make my day, or week so to speak.

Mother's Day went well, Mom liked the roast beef we had for dinner. She ate pretty okay for her. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We have left overs for tonight. A few potatoes, carrots, and of course, the beef. I will serve that after Debbie's lesson. I only have her for a few more weeks and then she is moving to Seattle. Where I want to go (because of the attachments Richard has). I wish we lived there with him. That would be great for me because I would get Abigail and William everyday and what could be better than that? Nothing! It would be good for Mom too because then she would know her grandchildren better. Right now, since we don't really hear from them, we only talk to them once or twice a year, it isn't that good. But to live with them, well, that would be this side of heaven.

It's hard to believe it is May outside because it has been so cold. It is going to be cold and raining tomorrow. Poor Mom, it seems like forever since she has been warm. I feel so bad at times for her, although, I am often cold myself, so I know a bit how she feels. She is just frozen all the time. I put several blankets on her bed and she still is cold at times. A few nights ago, I had 6 blankets on her bed before she was a little toasty (as we call it). I couldn't believe it! 6 blankets and she was finally warming up. She even had warm pajamas on, but that didn't help much. I have about 4 blankets on my bed, but 2 are for the feet, my feet are always cold at night. And if they are cold, forget, no sleep for Heather.

Well, Bob should be here anytime now! I hope this finds you doing well and having a great day! Enjoy the sunshine if you have it (we do right now!)


  1. Mom is doing alot of sleeping...she needs it if she is a mover. She is slowing down. My Mom became a constant mover and had her own path she followed..out of her room, down the left side of the hall (while she was in care) almost to the end of the hall then turn and walk the same side to the door that went outside. Even tho she couldn't go outside by herself, she stared out the window. Periodically a nurse would go outside with her when it was warm. Then back to her room to start the path over again. Hugs

  2. that would explain why I find her in (my opinion) strange places. I think she is a mover in the morning while I am sleeping. Sometimes she comes in my room, covers me up and then leaves. She is blocked up the stairs so she can't go downstairs so I don't worry about her going outside. I do think she is up really early which is why she sleeps so much. Didn't know about the mover thing though, thanks for the info! I hope to take her outside when it finally warms up! It has been so cold here that I can't take her out yet.