Saturday, May 15, 2010

We have company today! Well, since last night. My cousin, Tillie, has been visiting with us. She goes home around noon, which works out perfect since I begin teaching at 12 and have another lesson at 1 and then two lovely young girls will be trying on their bridesmaids dresses to be shortened. I am not sure about doing Lily's as it is still a month away from the wedding. She is 12 and could grow between now and then, and that could be bad. I think I will pin hers but refit her at the beginning of the month, next month. Emily, at 16 almost 17, is finished growing so I can do hers right away. I just love these two girls. They (and their older sister) adopted Mom as their grandmother about 8 years ago. They don't have one and they like Mom a lot, so they adopted her.

Tomorrow is an exciting day too! We are going to my Uncle John's house. He is my mom's youngest brother. He is 14 years younger than her. She helped take care of him when he was a baby and a young boy. According to him, he broke mom in for us. I don't think he broke her in enough. He says she raised him mostly. I enjoy his company most of the time. We used to see him quite frequently, but then Mom got sick and then I bought the store and life just got busy. I am happy we were invited to see him. He called last night, I was like, who is calling me from Canada, and to my surprise, it was him! He asked if we were busy Sunday, and I said no because we weren't. Tillie was sitting her and so he asked if she wanted to come too. So we will pick Tillie up on the way. It will work out perfectly. I do have to remember to bring some stuff for mom in case of an oopsie. I will have extra pants for her, some extra diapers, and some wipes. I probably should put an extra t-shirt in there too, just in case. I will also have to bring a couple of ensures for her to make sure she has enough nutrition.

Mom ate great this morning!!! She had a bowl of Cheerios, orange juice, and an ensure! How cool is that? I told her I was very pleased with her and she smiled a big smile. She knew I meant it. Yesterday wasn't a good day for her, she ate horribly, and she couldn't walk very good, it was just not her day. Today, she is a peach and she is doing so much better. I think we are going out to eat for dinner to celebrate. She can have a good bowl of soup and I will get a dinner.

We are doing her bath today instead of tomorrow because of our visiting schedule! I am so excited for the weekend.

Hayley was supposed to come over with her friend shopping tomorrow. I messaged her that we are leaving at noon so she can stop by early. There are a couple of packages here for her. When she shops with her friends we don't see her much, it is just a run in and run out. Totally understandable, they want to shop! I don't particularly like shopping, but mainly because I can't walk that well and need a scooter for any extended shopping. Speaking of shopping, I got Mom her little slippers for the wedding. They are black and I have black socks for her. She will look adorable. It is very important to me that she looks adorable at all times. Now that she needs help getting dressed, I get to pick what she wears. It isn't like she notices or really cares. I mean, they are her clothes, I just put the cute ones on her. I found her favorite outfit the other day. I thought the pants went to donation, but they didn't! She will be wearing that tomorrow.

Well, my first student will be here momentarily, so I hope you have a great day!!! I plan to! It is beautiful out so the pain level isn't high, just regular. The sun is shining, the winds are very strong, all in all, I am pleased with the day!

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  1. Heather, wow you have a busy day! Tell Hayley hi for me!
    Enjoy your time with family and all the visiting, you sound so excited..Glad mom is having a good day today..