Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a wonderful, fun-filled day! We had a really good time. First up was an earlier than usual morning for the Mom and me. We went to Calli's baptism and it was a really nice service. I think Mom enjoyed the music a lot. It was a contemporary service with Praise and Worship music. Heather B-T's mom sat with us. She and Mom are good friends, well as good as a friend as Mom can be at this point, but I know Mom really likes her because she has mentioned it before. Then after the service was a nice little BBQ at the church social hall. Burgers and Hot Dogs. They were very yummy. Calli sat with us to eat and so did Pat (Heather B-T's Mom). Mom wasn't walking so good, so the church has a walker with a seat. We put Mom in it and Heather's brother, James, took her into the social hall. It was very helpful for the little person. She is just having a day with the walking. It is just one of those days. We stayed until the end, Mom even stayed awake during the whole thing, so you can imagine how tired the little one is. She is having trouble with steps today, but I did manage to get her up and down the steps as needed during the day. When we got home we both went into the living room and took a wee nap. I slept for about an hour, and she is still sleeping. She is exhausted from our little excursion today but I think she really enjoyed herself. She smiled a few times too. Calli and her brother, Acer, can really get the smiles out of Mom.

Despite the time constraints we had this morning, I was able to get her up and dressed and even a little breakfast down her before we left. She only ate about 1/4 of her small bowl of cereal, but it was something. She was scared to go down the stairs this morning, so I pulled one foot down and then she brought the other down, then I did it again, and again, until we were all the way down. I managed to stay calm even though I was running behind time. I shouldn't have made the phone call I made this morning, I should have waited until the afternoon, but I didn't. Mom was fine coming out of the house and getting in the car on the way to church. We we left, she was nervous to get in the car, but I stayed calm, and got her in. I pretty much sat her down on the seat first and then moved her legs. It worked. She was nervous going up the steps into the house, but we did it. I wonder how much it would be to put in a ramp. I am thinking that might be a good idea. I will have to check into it. She got into the living room (it has a step down into it) no problem, so we shall see about going up the stairs tonight. I think she was just really tired when we left the church which is why she was having a bit of trouble. She is sleeping away right now. I just checked on her.

My head hurts a lot this afternoon, thank goodness it didn't hurt real bad until we got home. That would have been terrible to have it hurt bad at the church during the service. I took a pain pill when I got home and it has gone down a bit. Nothing else planned for the rest of the evening except Extreme makeover home addition. I like that show and so does Mom. Sometimes I think the way they decorate the bedrooms are ugly, but mostly I like what they do. I think it has really helped the families out a lot for the ones who get the house. We don't need a bigger house, we need one on one level with hallways big enough for wheelchairs for Mom. We will manage with what we have. Together, we can do it. That is my motto for me and mom. We just have to stick together.

My nails are making a clicking noise on my keyboard and it drives me nuts. It means I need to trim them because if they are making this much noise on the keyboard for the computer, what noise are they going to make on the piano keys? That would drive me nuts faster. I don't know how some people can play with long nails and sound like they do, but they can. I can't. I have to turn in competition stuff at the end of the week for the kids who are attending. My plan is to go, all depending on how Mom does. If she is doing well in July, we go, if she isn't, we don't. That simple, whatever Mom is up for. We would leave on Wednesday and return on the Monday as the awards show ends very late. Mom and Tillie wouldn't have to stay down in the banquet room for the whole thing, they could go back up to the hotel room and rest. I will have to stay for the whole thing though. All depends on the little person and how she is doing. I do hope to go because it would be a nice break for us and I think she would enjoy it. I know Tillie would, she has never been to Chicago. I have several times. The first couple of times it was for an audition and then once for vacation. Mom and I had a good time then. She also came with me for those few times for auditions. She used to drive me (even though I was an adult) to them so I could relax and concentrate on my audition material. It was very nice how she did that for me. We had it all mapped out and I would sleep and rest and she would drive. I miss the mom from those days, although the one I have had for the last few years is a nice one too. I just love my Mom tons and I am keeping her with me as long as possible. So far, it is working out nicely. She is doing alright.

Oh, yeah, the bank fixed the mistake they made and just in time too! Our house insurance is due Monday and it comes out automatically from the checking account. I am so happy that it is fixed and in time too because that would have been bad, very bad.

We have a busy week ahead for us. I don't get to see my Grace anymore until next fall because she is done until then. I will miss her but I do see her on face book, so I will be able to follow what she is up too. I also won't have my Calli this week as her schedule doesn't permit a piano lesson. Her brother, Acer, can't wait until fall for his piano lessons. That will be a new challenge for me and I can't wait either. I just love all my students. I have had the best students ever. I just friended a former student on face book, Francesca,. I haven't seen her since she was in high school about 10 years ago. She was a good kid. We are going to do lunch in the future. I think that will be fun. We are also going to Lansing for the day for the Fibromyaglia Advocacy Day. That will be a fun event and I hope we do some good for all of us who have FMS.

I hope you have a great week too!

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