Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mom is in the hospital. I took her to the ER yesterday afternoon. Maia was with me. We were at Tim Horton's and she kept having a sore throat that would come and go. It happened at home and I tried to give her some pain medicine. I have it in liquid form, but she said it burned going down. I stopped giving her the medicine then because I don't want her to have a burning throat. It stopped hurting and we left. While we were at Tim Horton's, she grabbed her throat again because it hurt again. Also, every time she drank something, no matter what it was, she coughed. We took her right from there. We had to wait a bit in the waiting room (about 2 hours) because they were so busy and there were so many people waiting for beds upstairs in the hospital. When we got in Maia and I told the doctor everything that was happening, including the headache from Saturday. He looked into her throat and said she was very dehydrated, that was what was causing the pain. He sent for several X-Rays, CT scan, blood tests, and urine test. We left at about 8:30 pm to come home because the nurse had no idea when Mom would be sent upstairs to a bed. She was so tired. She was awake the whole time in the ER. We finally we able to get her some pain killers to help with the pain after the last test (the CT scan). She doesn't seem to be in any pain today. She looks so much better than she did yesterday and she can speak much clearer than she could yesterday. She also can put into words more of what she wants to say. She did eat a good breakfast of cream of wheat and an omelet. She had a good lunch, we were there for that one. I am hoping she has a good dinner, although I won't be there for that because I do have a few lessons to teach today. Overall, I am glad we brought her in because I think she could have died from this. Slowly over time, she is starving and dehydrating herself, not on purpose, but because her body is forgetting how to do things. She does tear up every time they move her because she is scared of falling. She is afraid when they stand her up for any reason, but then she calms down right away. I saw the Physician's Assistant this afternoon. I will miss the doctor because of lessons. I will find out what the doctor has to say when I go back this evening. Maia is planning to come to stay with her tomorrow while I am in Lansing for the day. I took Maia to the bus stop so she could take her groceries home to her family. She is coming back tomorrow. Tillie is on her way now and should be here soon. I am hoping that this visit will put some spring back into her step and bring her back to where she was a few months ago. That is my hope. I do know this could happen again with her because of the disease, but I am hoping to keep ahead of it. I am staying rather calm over this whole thing because she is doing so much better. I hope to have her home in a few days. I don't know how long they are going to keep her. At least until tomorrow, I think. I would imagine a few days at least to give her body time to adjust to the hydration she is receiving. It doesn't appear that she is going to need a feeding tube put into her at this time. That was something the doctor mentioned in the ER, that that may be a possibility. hey, if that was what she needs, we will deal with that, no problem. But I am glad that it doesn't seem to be something she is going to need. She was feeding herself mostly. I fed her a bit and she did the rest.

Pain isn't too bad although I didn't sleep much at all last night because I ran out of my sleep medicine and forgot to go and get more. I will fix that this evening. No way am I having 2 nights of no sleep and having to drive to Lansing tomorrow. That would be a bad combination. Very bad combination. My head is not too bad, i am just a bit more tired than normal. I am getting up early tomorrow so I will be heading to bed early both because of no sleep last night and the early morning tomorrow.

I will update as soon as there is something to update.

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