Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This morning I will be heading over to the hospital for the study. I am excited about it. Anything that helps doctors diagnose FMS better is good. It is a 15 minute interview. I wonder if they will be on time, as most doctors are not. I hope so, I hate being late or running over or anything like that. I like to be on time so I am hoping they are too. Otherwise, how will they get all the interviews in today?

Mom is better this morning. She ate a bowl of cereal with no problem. I am going to try an ensure for her while I am gone. Carolyn, from my neighborhood, is coming to watch her. I will be going by myself (a first in a long time!!!) to the hospital without her. Yea! I am excited about that to. I hope she doesn't give Carolyn a hard time. We shall see.

I am back. The study was fun. It involved a few questions and a tender point test. The tender point test hurt, of course, but the rest was a piece of cake. She didn't press too hard either, so that was nice. We talked for few minutes and then, poof, I was done.

Mom did great with Carolyn. She drank the entire ensure while I was gone. I was so pleased. We went to our Tim Horton's after I got back. She ate 1/4 of her soup (I think from now on when she wants soup there I am going to have them fill it 1/2 way only) and her donut so I was really happy. She also drank 1/2 of the half pint of milk.

I talked to Kathy briefly today. She said often times her kids don't always eat a lot one day and then will the next. She said it is normal, so I guess yesterday Mom wasn't hungry, but today she is back to normal. Kathy and I came to the conclusion that if Mom isn't hungry for a few days, then be worried, if it is just one, no big deal, she might have ate more the day before than usual. So that's what I will go by. It is tough sometimes because I am not a Mom and Mom's body often acts like a child now so I have to check with the Mom's I know. My friend, Donna, has been very helpful too. Today, Mom is a peach, wouldn't exchange her for anyone in the world. No one. Not today. Yesterday, I was too worried, I was literally freaking because she wouldn't eat and she slept all day, pretty much the entire day. She snoozed a bit when Carolyn was here and is snoozing now, but that is normal for her. We just came back from Tim Horton's and had to head right back out to the bank. That is a lot of movement for her. The bank made a big error, they posted a check for $125.35 over what the check was written for. Yeah, how did that happen? It is a weird error, because it isn't like they added a zero or anything, so it's being fixed and looked into. It should be credited back in a few days. We still have enough for the house payment and the house insurance. That was my worry.

My head is really sore today. I am sure it is because of my worries from yesterday. The rest of the pain is a bit high, but not as bad as it was the other day. I noticed that when I worry more about Mom or anything, I am in more pain. I know, it isn't rocket science to realize that. So I try to keep calm about everything. It is hard at times because I am not always a calm person especially if the Alzheimer's is doing something crazy to Mom for the day, but I try.

It is finally beautiful outside. Not too hot, not too cold. The sun is shining and I had my windows down while I drove to the appointment and loved every minute of it. I now have a young person that will come and sit with Mom when I need her. it's great, life is just great today. If only everyday was like this!


  1. Sounds like life is great for you today Heather! We gotta take em when we can get em don't we?

    Glad your testing went well. Is this for research or a visit with a new doctor?

    I'm happy you have several people who will sit with mom so you can get out. I know you think about her often when you are separated, but the break give you another breath of air to continue with the rest of your day.


  2. It was for researching a better tool for fibro. I hope it helped the doctors. I did enjoy the time away from her. I will do this from time to time. Our neighbor behind us also said if I needed anything to let her know. So i am glad. Yesterday was a good day and I am hoping tomorrow will be a good day too.

    Have lots of fun with the new baby in the house. She is a little doll!