Saturday, May 22, 2010

It has been a rather busy day for us in the Paxton household. First, we got up a bit earlier because my cousin, Hayley, was expected. She arrived as expected and we sat down for a little visit when, boom! Mom started crying. We both were like what's wrong??? Mom had an instant headache near her ear. She said it hurt really bad. I gave her some Motrin. She stopped crying for a few minutes and continued on with her breakfast. Then she started again. It started to hurt really bad again, so I gave her a bit more and decided to take her to the ER. By the time I had her ready to go to the ER, it stopped. Hayley had already left because we were leaving too. Mom said it went away. I was in indecision of what to do, so I decided to wait and see. It came back 1 more time about an hour later and that has been it all day. If it happens again I will take her in, but it is gone now. So instead of taking her to the ER, we went to our usual. She ate a donut, but nothing else because she already had a bowl of cereal and a little bit of ensure. I, too, only had 1 bagel because I had a bowl of cereal already too.

After that episode, Lily arrived in time for her lesson. Mom's head hurt her 1 more time and then Lily and I moved her into the living room with us and she fell asleep and then was fine. Lily had a good lesson, we worked on a few things she needs to work on and then it was Aggie's turn. Aggie started a new song this week and we didn't get to the Italian song at all. I am sure she was so upset over that. NOT! She needs to remind me to dig out the CD to one of her songs from school so she can practice it for the benefit concert in August. We are doing one for an orphanage in Mexico. Katie K went there this past winter for a mission and wants to help more.

Then it was BOOK CLUB! I just love book club. We read "the Geography of Bliss". It was a really good book. It was about a journalist who went to different countries to learn what their idea of happiness was. Just a fascinating book. We have to miss book club in June because of people's schedule. I am disappointed, but I totally understand. It wouldn't do do have only me for book club. That wouldn't be any fun. We are meet again July 24. I hope to have our newest members there for that one. We are going to read the Time Traveler's Wife. Maggie had suggested it a few months ago and we just haven't gotten to it yet. I think August we will be reading Aggie's suggestion. It sounds fun too. We flipped a coin to see what we would read. We will get to both books anyways, so that is good. Debbie stayed for a bit later after book club was over. She is moving to Seattle, as I have said, and while I am excited she is going, I am sad she is going to. She leaves in about 8 days. Boo. I can't wait to read what wonderful experiences she will be having being a nanny. That will be so cool to read. Children are so unpredictable that it is funny to watch them. I have a blast during lessons with them because you never know what they are going to say next. Never, it is always a surprise.

Mom is doing alright now. She keeps trying to move my mouse and mouse pad though. It is like they don't belong where they are and she needs to move them. She is also constantly smoothing out the table cloth. It is quite amusing how she does this. So far, no sign of an instant headache again. I thought maybe if it was her jaw it would show up when we ate dinner but it didn't. Well, I will just be on the lookout for it.

My jaw is hurting a bit, but that is also normal for me. When I first bit into something, whether it is soft or hard, my jaw hurts. It goes down after I chew for a few moments. It is really annoying, but there isn't anything I can do about it. Pain is relatively alright for a change. This last week has been horrible for it because of the rainy weather, but it is supposed to get nicer as the week goes on, so maybe the pain will relax for a change. That would be nice. I am rather tired today as we did get up a bit earlier than usual today and I didn't sleep well last night. Mom is yawning too right now. I must have passed it on to her. I think we will put in a Walker Texas Ranger episode before we go to bed. Mom is doing really well with nothing on while I am typing. I think she is entertaining herself or is watching me yawn and type.

I hope your day is going well. I can't wait for tomorrow either as we have a party and baptism to go to. I am rather excited about that.

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