Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mom is delayed again for her discharge. It is now tomorrow, Sunday. They didn't give her the medicine she needed last night to clear up her issue, so they gave it to her today. I know, because I was there when she took it. She ate pretty good for lunch, she finished all her beans and her rice. She ate 1/2 of the pudding (it was a boost pudding) and 1/3 of her chicken and gravy. She drank 7 oz of her apple juice, it had some medicine in it too. Overall, I am disappointed they didn't give it too her yesterday, she usually needs some help with this issue, but hey, it is fixed now. I plan to be there at 11:00 tomorrow so maybe I will see the doctor although, I imagine she has to have a day off sometime. I hope Mom goes to the nursing center tomorrow so I can start my countdown until she is home. I am not going to call Richard or Andrew for an update today because I have nothing really to say except it is moved to tomorrow. I will call them as soon as she is placed. She fell asleep after lunch and the medicine and her walk. Physical Therapy came to see her and they took her up and down the hall. She did really well. She cooperated with them and everything. I was pleased. I think she will cooperate with physical therapy at the nursing center. I remembered to bring her undies today. I put them in the suitcase and the blue bag. There is a blue bag missing with Mom's little red jacket in it. I left the nurses station now because it is a really good little jacket for mom. I don't want to lose it, although if I have to buy another I will. It's just this one is lined with sweatshirt material and has a hood on it in case it rains. Mom really likes it. I hope they find it. I am sure they will. I knew I should have brought it home on Thursday when I saw it. Stupid me. Then I would for sure have it. They moved her room again and the jacket didn't go with her, that is why I am worried about it. I looked in the old room's cupboard and it wasn't there so I am not sure where it went. I wish I knew where we got it from. Her blue one isn't as nice as this one because it isn't as warm. Her gray hoodie fits underneath it too which it doesn't under the blue one. I am hopeful they find it.

Pain is a bit higher in the head today and the hands. The weather is beautiful though, nice and sunny and not too hot or humid. I don't have many plans today except to read a bit and fiddle around online. I am going to do some laundry too, I am running out of t-shirts to wear again, need to buy some more too. I have several I can't wear anymore due to stains. I want to purchase four new t-shirts for the summer.

I don't have any special plans for the holiday weekend. Everything depends on the Mom. We were supposed to go to my Uncle's tomorrow, but of course, I had to cancel that. We will reschedule as soon as Mom is home and feeling better. She likes going to see her little brother and I think he enjoys seeing her even if she falls asleep in the afternoon at his house. He didn't mind. He knows the scoop on her condition, he just wants to spend as much time with her as he can while he can. I know the feeling. I want to make sure her last whatever, (months, weeks, days, years, etc) are happy ones for her. She deserves it, she has had a hard life at times.

I hope this finds you doing well and having a great weekend! Enjoy the nice weather if you have it!

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