Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today has definitely been a better day! I have not yelled at Mom once, she has been calm and not irritating as she was yesterday. I could have sold her or gave her away yesterday. Not today, I'll keep her. We got her new walker this evening. It was rather cheap considering Medicare paid for 80% of it. It is a walker junior (that is what it is called) and has 2 wheels in the front for her. She has mini ski's on the back ends. She has done pretty well with it so far. We need it for when she walks outside, not so much inside, although it is here should she need it!

We went to knitting this afternoon after Tim Horton's. I also had Calli's lessons during the visit. She is so cute and gets so excited to start a new piece. She is now playing sur la pont. It is a french folk song and very cute. Heather's Mom is doing well too, her bruises are all gone and she is feeling much better. Tomorrow Calli has the day off so the two of them will be going to her mom's house and work on her mother's room. Mom's room here is half down. Soon it will be completely done, but I am not necessarily in a hurry to finish it. My room is still a disaster. I am so not ready to fix that one.

At Heather's, we also got a fashion show from Calli to see which one of the new dresses would be good for the baptism on the 23rd of the month. We all agreed on a pretty pink one. It had lace on it and was just really cute on her. It was her favorite too. The other dresses didn't really fit her too well, so Heather is going to return them. I don't blame her, if they don't fit, what good are they?

Mom is eating really well again today. She has 5 pieces of meat left. She will finish all of it again. 3rd day in a row! I am very excited about this. The new medicine must be working well for her. Dr. G said it may take 1 week to 1 month to kick in. Well, it is starting to kick in.

I did forget my blood test yesterday. I have it scheduled for next Thursday. Mom also needs another blood test too, she is scheduled for the same time. Yuck, we both will be losing our blood to tests that day. Ugh. It could be worse, it could be today. That would be worse.

Not much going on this evening. We finished dinner, Mom had a frozen Boston market dinner and I had taco bell. I love taco bell. I think we will head to bed early so I can read some more of the book club book. Tomorrow is sewing with the girls. That should be fun too!

It is cold out today and I have a bad headache now. Yuck, not happy about that, but overall happier with the day than the day I had yesterday.

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