Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today is a better day. Pain level is bearable, and it is nice and sunny outside. We went to the usual and ran into our neighbor, Rosemary. She lives down the street from us. We don't usually see anyone in the neighborhood because we don't go outside much, but we run into neighbors at Tim Horton's. It is actually kinda funny how that works. She is working in her garden today. I cringe at ours, weeds grow beautifully, but not much else. I don't have a green thumb, more like a black thumb. Anytime I try to grow plants, they die, so I don't try anymore. Besides, I hate weeding and that is important to the garden.

Mom is here falling asleep in her chair as usual. She ate 1/4 of her soup so I brought the rest home. She did eat all of her donut though, which I think is kinda funny. She ate really well last night and even polished off 2 ensures before bedtime. As long as she finishes her ensures, I won't worry too much about the food problem.

We stopped at Walmart on the way home, I was out of pain pills, and you know that is a bad thing to be out of. I am all set for the month now. Thank goodness!

I have only 1 student today, Charlie. He missed last week because of drivers training. They have 3 weeks of class and then they take a test and once that is passed, they get their permits. After so many hours of driving with parents, they take segment 2 and then they get their license. Charlie is only 15 right now, so he won't be able to get the license for another year and a few months. He plays tenor sax and is improving nicely. I have my clarinet back so if there is a duet in his book, he often likes me to play along with him. It adds some fun to the lesson. I don't play as much as I used too and boy sometimes it shows. I get out of breath really easy these days with the instrument. I have the same problem when I sing with my students. Not good, I know, but I don't practice like I used to. I am starting to warm up again in the morning with my voice, so that helps a great deal. I don't have the amount of students I used to have either so I don't sing as much as I used to too.

Well, tomorrow the ad comes out in the paper! I can't wait to see it! Only 1 more day until it comes out, finally! I should be getting the receipt for the ads sometime this week. I didn't know if they would send it to me automatically, so I sent an email asking for one.

It's a nice and sunny day so I think I will read for a bit in the living room. It is so nice to have the room looking spiffed up and not so cluttered. I can't find some music that I will need, but I am sure it isn't too far, I will look later on in the box and downstairs. I know that they put it handy for me, just not sure where. It will be nice when school is over and Katie comes over to help put away the music that is all over the living room and the family room and the office. She volunteered to help. She bends much better than I do. I like it when my students come over and help, they usually do a great job. I have some music I have to copy for Lily, I want to make her a book with all the music she will do this summer. Right now she doesn't have any Broadway and I want to give her some. She only has classical, four songs of it. Fortunately, she likes the stuff and it isn't too hard for her. She is singing her first language piece, in Latin and is doing a great job.

I hope you are having a great day!

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