Friday, May 21, 2010

It is a rather dull day outside, sun in, sun out. Mom is sleeping in the living room. As soon as I am done here I am going to get her to do her hair. I will do mine first, then hers. She had a hard time going down the stairs this morning but I got her down. Then we went to Timmie's and she couldn't get in the car to go home. Our friend, Rosemary arrived at that moment so we went back in the restaurant to chat with her. I had some diet coke left, but Mom had nothing left to drink. She wasn't thirsty though so it didn't matter. After that, she got in the car fine. It is weird how sometimes that happens. We had to go to Walmart for some stuff. She got in the car to go home just fine there too. Like I said, it is too weird.

I didn't finish Emily's dress for the pinning yet. I am so tired right now that I am not going to do it now, maybe later, but not right now. We have a busy weekend for a change. I am rather excited about that. Tomorrow is lessons, Hayley, and book club. I mean, how cool is that? Sunday we have Calli's baptism and potluck after it. I think I will see what Heather (my friend and Calli's mom!) needs, then I will know what to bring. I have to make a deposit to the bank tomorrow. The bank has not finished fixing the mistake yet. I hope it is done before Monday when the house insurance goes through, if it doesn't, then the bank will have to reverse it's fees because they made the mistake and I am not paying for their mistake. The lady at the bank said that wouldn't be a problem, so I am holding her to it. Yup, I am.

Mom ate a bit better so far today. It is so hard for her because she just doesn't know when she is hungry anymore. She drank a bit of milk and ate 1 1/2 donuts. She wanted 2 of them today. I don't know why. I don't ask why either, if she wants it, she gets it because she will eat it. Normally we go out to dinner tonight at the little cafe, but because of the bank error, we can't because we don't have enough money for that. At first I was like, grr, but now, I don't really care because it means I don't have to get mom in the car 2 more times. She is sleeping in the living room right now.

Mom has moments when she hurts to sit down. I have her stand when that happens, part of it is because these chairs are not the most comfortable to sit on all day long. I am going to get her a cushion after our money comes in next week so she can bring it with her wherever we go. She was getting sore at Timmie's because we were sitting so long so I had her stand up. It is because she is so terribly thin. She only weighs 92 pounds right now. She is a bony, tiny, little thing. Just so small.

I tried new disposables on her today, they are too big. They have the straps on the side and so I thought it would be easier to take them off her. Not. They are too big for her and I got her a small/medium. I mean, really, she isn't that big. I went and got her the type we had so I will put those on her. Much better product than the straps one. In theory the straps would be easier because you don't have to take off pants to remove and put them on, in reality, the are just too big. Way too big. She is tiny! She really could use extra small, but they don't make those.

Overall, it is just an average day with not much to do. I should be on my way home from sewing right now, but tonight is the girls confirmation so no sewing today. We didn't have it last week because of the doctor appointment with Mom. I am looking forward to next week. The girls are almost done with their outfits, so it is almost time for something new. We have been sewing for almost a year now. I love sewing days. It is almost as fun as teaching music, not quite, but a darn 2nd. Mom enjoys those days too.

I haven't heard from anyone since my ad went in the newspaper, however, it only ran one week instead of 4. I called the person I am dealing with and she forgot to put my ad in last week and this week, so I was mad. It should go in the next 3 weeks. I mean, I paid for 4 weeks, I want my ad in for four weeks. We shall see if I get any response. Please pray, I am only asking for 2 new students, although I have room for more, so that would be great too!

Pain is regular today except in the left arm, that is a bit sorer than usual. Don't know why, it doesn't respond when I ask. I hope your day is going well.

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