Saturday, May 8, 2010

Went out to dinner with the Emerton Family, and boy was it fun! Lily is so cute, she brings a book to read so she can be entertained at the same time as we are. Mom really enjoyed it too. She ate almost all of her soup and ice cream too! I was very pleased with it. It was so nice to see Julie in a relaxed manner, she has a load on her mind and lots to do with the wedding that is coming up. Next week I will be starting to alter the bridesmaids dresses for Lily and Emily. Should be rather fun and exciting as I love sewing.

I almost couldn't find the book I needed for Lily after I burned the CD. I knew we saw it last week, I just wasn't too sure where. Just when I was about to give up, I found it. She has 2 new Broadway songs this week: I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady, and The Sound of Music, from, well, the Sound of Music. She catches on really quick too. She have them down in no time. She forgot a disc at home so we plunked out her Panis Angelicus. She does a nice job on that one and it is her first foreign language song. She will start Italian this summer. I suspect she will be very good at it. I will also have her start another classical book as well as keeping up on her Broadway. Got to have a bit of Broadway to offset the classical. Although she seems to enjoy almost all of the songs she has had but 1. Definitely a record there. Most students don't like a lot of the classical but like the Broadway, she likes almost anything. Makes her so easy to teach and to enjoy teaching her. We had a bit of a giggle during the lesson, both her dad and my mom fell asleep during the lesson. We thought that was rather funny, each on a different couch, but sleeping. Mom was sleeping for about 2 hours while Ross was a sleep for 15 minutes, big difference there. It was quite funny for the both of us to see them. I finally woke Mom up at 2 because I wanted to go to walmart to pick up a few things. I got another Roast Kit. Next time, I am going to just pick up the roast and make my own kit and see how it turns out. I have the veggies in the fridge, just need the meat. I am really getting into this crock pot thing with roasts and stews and stuff.

I got Mom some stuff for her bed, I can't wait to see how they work, they should help keep the sheets dry if she has an oopsie. I also got a new toilet seat for her, so that should help her not be nervous with the bathroom. She is so afraid of falling, which she did earlier today. Fortunately, she didn't hurt herself, but she could have broken a bone with how she fell. She didn't want to use her walker today so I just let her hold on to me. On good days, that seems to help, on bad days, she needs the walker. Eventually she will need the walker full time outside of the house.

I spoke to Kathy this afternoon. It was Jacob's first communion this afternoon. Kathy picked out real cute spring dresses for the twins and had to put sweaters and jackets on them because it is so cold outside. It is like winter outside, only minus the snow. It was fun talking with her for a few minutes before she had to go back to her guests. Her parents, his parents, and 1 of Tony's (her husband) brothers were there. A nice showing for Jacob, I think.

I am planning on a good sleep in tomorrow for Mom and I. I don't think we will get up early, either one of us. Well, maybe her, she is an early bird person, unlike me. We will do our usual, going to Tim Horton's, and then we will relax at home with a nice bath and a movie. We are watching Walker Texas Ranger season 6 disc 4. Mom and I are really enjoying the episodes. I am going to try to do some knitting while I am watching TV. I have to get going on my scarf if I want it done someday, which I do. It is for Mom. It is red and matches her winter coat. She will look very cute in it. I also have to cut the pictures and put them in frames on the piano. I have some really cute frames that I think her picture will look nice in. I need a 5 X 7 and a 8 X 10. Then I will pick a picture out for Richard and send it too him. I will even buy him a nice (but not too expensive) 5 X 7 frame. I will do the same for Andrew. We can get some nice ones from Walmart. I should have done that today, but I forgot. Well, there is always next time. I am sure in the next few weeks we will be back at Walmart getting some necessary stuff, like food and medicine. I am glad the store is nearby, only about 4 miles away. It is our favorite shopping place, mainly because they have a lot of stuff and a scooter! Without those scooters, I wouldn't be able to shop. I have to get both Mom and I new summer flats for the wedding. I will be looking in the catelogues I get. I will find something we both will like and look nice in.

Well, off to get ready for bed! It is almost that time again! I hope you had a good day too!

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