Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I ache today bad and my head hurts too. I have 3 wonderful students coming for their makeup lesson this afternoon. I can't wait. It will get my mind of pain and Mom. My patience is at it's wit's end today. Mom fell out of bed this morning (she fortunately doesn't have far to go) and it took 20 minutes to get her up because she thinks I can just lift her up. Yeah, right. I know she doesn't weigh much, but jeez, I can't lift her. Finally, I ended up just pushing her from the back up, she kept saying "Ouch" the whole time but it got her up. I put her back to bed after that. I tried to have her move into the center more of her bed instead of the edge but she couldn't do it. Tonight I am going to pull her into the middle from the other side of the bed.

Mom is being very difficult today. She wouldn't come down the stairs, that took 10 minutes at least. Then she wouldn't put her shoe on, I finally put it on her, but that was hard. We headed to the car, she wouldn't get it. Finally, she got one foot in and tried to sit down but decided not to. We went back into the house, by this point I am yelling at her and crying at the same time. I tell her to leave me alone and go and cry in the dining room. She is still standing at the front door. I also threw my purse on the floor and my keys. I took the junk mail from yesterday and threw it on the floor too. I was so upset. I am calmer now, but still having a rough day.

I asked her if she was ready to go and get lunch (we don't have any lunch food in the house because we go to Tim Horton's every day). She says yes. We go back outside and she gets in the car like it is no big deal. Yup, I was like, oh my, whatever. She is still slightly difficult as she doesn't answer me when I ask her a question nor did she finish her milk today. Usually she does no problem, not today. She also hasn't taken her Advil for her foot today either and she chewed one of her medicines that isn't supposed to be chewed. I was not happy. Now she is sleeping in her chair. She will do this most of the afternoon. I don't get it. I hate this disease. It is driving me crazy today. Most days I am fine, but not today. I hope after teaching I will be fine again. I was planning on going out for dinner tonight, but I will make dinner as I am not going through the not get in the car again thing.

It is going to rain outside, goes along with my mood. I hope you are having a better day than I am. I wouldn't wish this type of day on anyone, it makes me ache more.


  1. Heather, I'm so sorry you are having these rough days. I wish I could tell you it will get better.

    You mentioned that she chewed a pill that should be swallowed. Here's what the care center did with Mom and it worked well. They put her pill in either applesauce or pudding. She took the bite and swallowed...pill went down. :D

  2. great idea! I will try it for mom. thanks!!!!!