Friday, May 28, 2010

Mom will not be discharged today, but tomorrow. She has a bit of a constipation problem and apparently the nursing home would send her right back into the hospital for that. That would not be good. The doctor ordered some medicine to take care of the issue tonight, so that is good. I am to be at the hospital by noon to sign her papers. I have her suitcase ready except for her undies. Apparently, the disposable undies are causing her a problem and the nurse has asked for regular undies for her. I will wash and bring them to her. I miss her being here. I know we don't talk all day like we used, she isn't capable of being that verbal, but I miss her presence. Fortunately, I know she is in good hands and will be moving to good hands so that keeps me going. I am anxious to have her home, but at the same time I want her stronger and if physical therapy for her is better in the home right now, then that is where she will go. I do plan to visit everyday so that she doesn't get too lonely and feel afraid. After she is discharged from the nursing home I will have a plan in place to make sure I focus on hydrating her so this doesn't happen again. She ate pretty well at lunch. I fed her some macaroni and cheese and pudding and it looked like she ate some fruit and mashed potatoes before I got there. She has a bottle of water by her bed too. The nurses aid said every time she comes in to turn Mom she gets her to drink a bit of the water, plus she is still hooked up to the IV. Everything is going pretty well for her, despite the little hiccup in the plan. I have tomorrow off now so I can devote the entire afternoon to Mom's settling in at the home.

I did speak to Andrew, he didn't get any of my messages. I gave him the update and said I would call if there were any changes to the plan. I spoke to Richard too and he said to call as soon as she is placed tomorrow so I will. I am much more confident about Mom's condition now that she is doing better and almost ready to come home. Once Mom is home I plan to have her eat of drink something every hour during the day so this doesn't happen again. Apparently, every 2 to 3 hours clearly isn't good enough. I gave the update to my Uncle John too. We were supposed to go to his house on Sunday, but obviously, we aren't going. We will go once Mom is home and better. She will enjoy the visit with her brother.

I am enjoying the peace and quiet of the house now. I didn't the last time I had the house to myself, but this time I am. Tillie will be over next week for a bit and then before I know it, Mom will be home. I just read and watched a bit of TV last night before chatting with my friend, Karlyn and my cousin, Hayley. Karlyn has been a great help to me over this whole event. She has chatted with me on face book almost every night, listening to my fears, which are pretty much gone now. She has 2 girls and 1 boy and I have their Christmas picture, they are very very cute. Julianne and Alexis sent me messages via their mom too. I mean, how sweet can you get? They are very compassionate little girls.

Pain level is normal with a bit of a headache. Don't really know why I have more of a headache than usual because it isn't raining, it is beautiful outside. It isn't too humid or muggy out either. Who knows? FMS is a strange disease and does strange things to a body, that's all I know. I think I will take another pain pill and then my student should be here shortly. It has been a quiet day.

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