Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mom has been discharged and transferred to the nursing center!!! Finally!!! After 3 days she has been moved! I have started the countdown until she is home. yup, I am counting down the days. She was asleep when I got there but she woke up a bit just when I was about to sit on the chair. Her lunch was delivered and ready for her. She had to go to the bathroom so I help as best as I could after I hit the nurses call button. After that, I fed her lunch and she ate pretty okay. The nursing center knows that she may need help with eating and dressing. I also let them know that she is very frightened over all the changes that have been made for her. She doesn't really have a clue where she is, all she knows is that when she calls my name, I am not there and that frightens her because we are together all the time. Every day, all day, she is with me. Rarely do I have someone watch her for me because usually I can bring her with me so I do. It has been a strange week without her around. I don't really like sleeping in the house all by myself but I am getting used to it. It just is strange for the both of us.

Mom's roommate is very nice. She has a broken knee so she will be there a while for physical therapy too. I forgot to pack Mom's toothbrush and hairbrush. Oops. I will bring them tomorrow. I had so many papers to fill out it was unbelievable, simply unbelievable. I would say there was at least 25 to 30 pieces of paper I had to sign for her. Mom slept through the end of it. When I left she was out like a light so I didn't wake her. She said her eyes even hurt from being so tired. She is just plain exhausted, completely exhausted. I expect her to sleep a lot this week there. At least she won't be woken up every 2 hours to be turned. The nurses have cream to put on her bottom. I didn't sign her up for the phone or the TV because she wouldn't know how to use either anyways, so why bother pay for something she isn't going to use? That would be silly and stupid and a waste of good money when we have bills that need to be paid. I am thankful that medicare pays 100% up to 20 days and since Mom will only be there for 14 days, it is paid for. We don't have the money for the co-pay after that, but we won't need it so it doesn't even matter. Mom will be home and I will be a happy camper. So will Mom. I think she will be happy to go home.

Pain is a bit high today. Not really sure why. I am not as tired as I was earlier today, I got up just in time for Katie's lesson. I set the alarm for the wrong time, but we fit the lesson in and that is what counts. She is doing well and is learning some new music. She has a book that has one of my favorite songs in it!!!! Red as the rose!!! It is an old Irish song that I heard about 10 years ago. I have been looking for that song ever since and Katie has it! I am so excited about that. She is going to make me a copy of it and the CD. How cool is that? Pretty cool, I'd say! I am planning to give that to Lily, I think she will love the song.

It is a bit hot outside, but a nice change from freezing all winter. I did have to turn the A/C up a bit as it was cold in the house. This new thermostat keeps the temp a bit different than the old one which I think wasn't giving us the proper temp anyways.

I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying the holiday weekend!

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