Friday, October 29, 2010

back from K-zoo

I went to Kalamazoo for a few days to see Kathy and her family.  It was a lot of fun.  Tomorrow is the service at the cemetery where Mom's ashes are going to be buried.  I am not looking forward to that.  I am tired and kind of cranky right now.  When I left, Tillie and Maia were still here and they turned off the heat, which is fine, but they forgot to turn it back on!  Oh my!  It is like so cold in here right now.  I turned it back on that is for sure.  Thank goodness it didn't get too cold at night or I would have been in big trouble. I am glad I came home instead of going straight to Windsor as it is supposed to get super cold tonight.  I know I get colder than everyone else, that is for sure but heat must be turned back on.

I bought me 2 hoodies in Kalamazoo.  I have a cute blue one and a cute gray one, they aren't pink like I wanted, but I will be just fine with these.  I have other hoodies, but the problem is they belong to other outfits and well, they have to be worn with those outfits or eventually one part of the outfit will fade before the other and I don't want that to happen.  They are quite cute outfits and I love them.

Kathy's youngest son, Jacob, turned 9 on Wednesday so I got to be there for the birthday dinner and cake and ice cream!  How cool was that?  I was pretty excited about that.  I saw the twins put their Halloween costumes on in time for the preschool party.  Alicia was Ariel and Samantha was Belle.  Both girls looked really adorable.  I will be changing the picture on my phone to them so when their Mom calls, the picture will pop up.

I haven't heard anything more about the 2 new potential students.  The one lady who called said she was going to call about 6 other people and then let me know.  That can take a few days.  The email, I haven't heard back from either, so I am still hopeful about that.

Well, that is about it for the day.  My head is sore because of the long drive by myself.  I definitely prefer driving with someone else in the car.  Not fun driving by oneself.  Not fun at all.  I tried not to remember the last time I drove out that way was when Mom and I went to Kalamazoo this summer to see Kathy and family.  We had such a good time and Mom did so good during that whole trip.  She slept nicely in the hotel, she was chatting away, and then playing with the girls.  It was just fun.  I try not to think about her all the time but it is so hard right now.  She is always with me.  I miss her so much, and tomorrow will be difficult but somehow I will muddle through and then come home and rest.  I am so tired today too, just completely exhausted.  I was supposed to go and spend the night in Windsor, but I am so exhausted, I think I am turning in extremely early and then get up super early.  I will be in Windsor by 8 am to leave for the cemetery.  I think that is what I am going to do.  I have to get my stuff out of the car now.

I hope this finds you having a good day.

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