Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So, I took Mom upstairs to her bedroom to sleep last night.  I still didn't get enough sleep.  I think I was awake until about 5 am.  That wasn't the best idea because the pressure sores were bleeding this morning, something they haven't really done on the air bed.  Mom is laying down right now on it, sleeping.  She is very exhausted today.  I think because yesterday was such a good day and I had her do too much this early afternoon.  Oops!  I won't do that again that is for sure.  I am almost ready for my nap too.  This sleep pattern has got to improve, it really sucks right now.  I am so tired but I can't sleep for more than an hour at a time until about 5 am.  Bad nightmares go through my head at times.  We live in a safe neighborhood and there hasn't been a house break in in years, yet, I have been having nightmares about it that I can't sleep between the hours 2 am to 5 am.  It really stinks.  This has been happening since last week when Mom first slept downstairs.  I mean really, if an intruder tried to get into our house, he/she would trip on all the stuff we got near the doors.  I blocked the garage door with our recycle bins (they can be moved in case of an emergency real easy) and the back door is blocked too.  The front door has an extra chain on it so Mom doesn't go out.  This is really getting out of hand on me.

Not too much going on today.  Mom had her bath, and like I said, is now resting in the hospital bed.  I am heading in there soon.  I don't have any lessons on Wednesday unless it is a makeup so it makes for a dull day.  I paid a few bills yesterday so that is now taken care of, thank goodness.  I put a load of laundry in.  Naturally I wait until I am on my last pair of clean undies before I do a load.  Can't stay ahead can I?  Actually, ever since Calli helped me carry all the dirty laundry downstairs and Tillie helped me do it all, I have managed to stay on top of it.  I was just tired this week so I didn't do it until today.  I will put another load in after this one is empty and then i will be up to date.

This month is Meet the Blind month.  Let me tell you, I know two children, who happen to be blind, that are absolutely amazing and they will be anything they want to be.  They are fearless, and adventurous, and simply wonderful.  I can't go on and on enough of how awesome these two children are.  To me, they are simply remarkable and they have such wonderful parents.  Basically, the parents every child should have.  They type that instill good self esteem and values while encouraging the children to do what they want and not hold back.  I wish I was more like them, but I am timid in new situations and I get scared very easily at times.  They are teaching me so much more than I can express.  Teaching them piano and voice is such a fun time for us.  They are both so musically talented and excited about learning in general.  All my students simply will love them, and the ones that do know them, already love them.  One of my older girls, Katie, can't wait to meet them.  She is trying to figure out how she can meet them before the Christmas Concert.  I have the most amazing students.  I simply love them all.  I just wish I had more of them.


  1. Heather,
    I totally understand when you have something stuck in your head and you just can't shake it..even when you know you are not being that rational about it! I also know what you mean about a possible intruder tripping on stuff after they break in! My theory was, if the bad guy manages to get in, he will trip over one or all baby gates strategically placed throughout my house! When he is tumbling up or down a flight of stairs, I WILL HEAR HIM! Hang in there...
    BTW, you are amazing...I didn't realize what exactly you are doing (teaching the kids) until I read this post. I'm so glad I know now.
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for doing what you do.

  2. thanks Angela! I am once again trying to have Mom back downstairs. I have blocked the garage door and the back door (they can be removed incase of emergency though). I am staying up a bit later than normal so i am hoping I will be more tired and go right to sleep. I am tired of the late nights. i put the chain on the front door, so Mom can't get out plus she has the railings up on her bed.