Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sleepy Thursday

I had the follow up appointment with the doctor about the Urinary Tract Infection.  I am infection free again.  I was supposed to have a volunteer from Hospice come and stay with Mom but they never showed up so I had to take Mom with me.  Most of it was fine, except as we left the doctor's office she almost fell.  A nice patient brought the wheelchair for her so I could wheel her to the car.  Then she wouldn't get into the car.  Nope, not one bit was she getting into the car.  Every so often she does this to me.  I don't know why, but she does.  So what did I do?  I pretty much pushed her butt on the seat and moved her legs over so she would be sitting in the car.  She hollered oh oh oh the entire time, but I got her in so we could go home.  She doesn't understand that there are times you have to get into a car, no matter if you want to or not.  We then went to the drive through of Panera on our way home and I got me a nice soup and salad for lunch, as I was starving.  I got her out of the car without any problem until we got to the stairs to get into the house.  There, we had a bit of a problem.  She fell.  This time she didn't just wobble, she actually fell.  I don't think she actually hurt herself except maybe the wrist I was holding, but she landed with a thud on her bottom on the cement porch.  I called the nurse to let her know Mom fell.  She said to ice the wrist and she would see Mom tomorrow between 12 and 1pm.  That works really well.  I will get up at 11:30 and then get Mom up so we will be ready.

Not too much happening today now.  I fell asleep for 3 hours after the doctor's appointment.  I am just so exhausted these days.  Staying awake in the afternoon is becoming very difficult for me.  I did sleep better last night.  Unfortunately, I broke the chain that was at the top of the door.  Oops.  I will just bring the gate and close it off from Mom, this way she can't get through even if she wanted to.  She hasn't tried to get out of her bed at all which is good.  I will put it right near the door so if the door is open, it will crash into the gate, waking me up.  I also leave a light on for Mom so she isn't in complete darkness.  She gets very afraid of the dark now just like a child does.  I know when I went into bed I felt much better about leaving her downstairs than I had earlier in the week.  When I checked her tailbone this morning, it wasn't bleeding like it did yesterday when I got her up, so I did do the right thing by leaving her in the bed.  She was pretty much in there all day yesterday.  She just didn't want to get up.  today I have her sitting on the sofa.  I will bring her in here with me in a little bit.  I like her to sit with me for a time in the evening so she can watch some TV if she wants.  She doesn't have too, but if she wants to she can.  There is no TV in the living room, nor do I want one in there.  I have had it offered before to move the TV, but I don't want it moved.  Plain and simple.  I just want it in the kitchen where it is.  I like to work on the computer while I watch TV.  I am almost always doing something with my hands while I watch TV otherwise they go crazy.

I emailed the update to Richard yesterday.  I am still slightly miffed at him over his comments about what I will do when Mom is gone.  No one is more aware than me that I will not have a home after Mom goes.  No, I don't know what I will do.  I get disability and teach about 6 lessons a week (3 are scholarship) and that doesn't come to a lot.  I am more than aware that my monthly expenses for an apartment will quickly out do my monthly income.  I have thought and prayed about it.  I don't know how it will work out, but somehow it always does.  I had thought of getting a roommate or two, which would help us keep the house going.  I will look into my options at that time because you can't until you are there.  So I am up for suggestions, but right now my main focus has to be on Mom.  Bottom line, she needs me to be working with her everyday.  She needs my attention especially getting up and going to bed.  During the day, she doesn't need me as much unless she is going to walk somewhere but I do have to remind her to drink her Ensure.  That is my main concern right now.

I hope you are having a great day and are enjoying this beautiful fall weather!


  1. The lord always provides. Trust in him and he will take care of you. I have been battling health as well and I know how tiresome it can be. Hang in there!! I said a prayer for you.

    Thanks for coming by and visiting me at my blog. I hope to see you soon!!

    Take Care of yourself, Sherry

  2. Hi, Heather! Thank you for always having nice comments for my blog. I appreciate that! I'm sorry your brother is not being very nice. I will be praying your situation improves. Like Sherry says in her comment, "the Lord always provides." I like thinking like that, too. Very comforting.

    I'm sorry about your mom's fall. Is she OK today? I remember you saying it takes you sometimes 4 hours to get your mom to bed. I know how that is....we did that with my grandpa, except he kept GETTING OUT of bed and finding his shoes to go outside. Finally, my frazzled granny told him, "if you don't lay down this instant and stay there, I'm putting you in a nursing home!" I'll be worked!

    You have a blessed day with lots of rest. You need it! :0)