Thursday, October 14, 2010


Mom is hanging on as of tonight.  She was expected to pass last night, but is still with us.  I told her tonight that it was okay to go home.  I told her that her grandmother and sister were waiting for her.  I don't know what she is waiting for but she is waiting for something.

We have everything planned, the service, the viewing, and the luncheon.  She will have a service at our church.  The pastor has been up to see Mom several times.  It is just waiting now.  She has strong vital signs at this point.  There is a niece who coming tomorrow.  She knows she may miss mom, but she will be here for me.  She is heading for vacation on Monday and I don't want her to cancel the vacation.  It will be good to see her again.

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers.  I really appreciate them.  I just can't believe we are at that point.  How did this happen so soon?  I was not ready for it.  Mostly, Mom is pain free.  She was in a bit of pain this evening, but they give her some pain medicine and then she fell back asleep.  It seems so unreal.


  1. When you have time for reading Heather, pick up the book entitled "Final Gifts." It is written by 2 Hospice nurses about their experiences with their patients. May God hold you in the palm of his hands during this difficult time.

  2. Take care of yourself Heather, it's a draining time I know. My mother passed away in 1998 and I was too busy making sure that everyone else was coping okay...when I should have been being a bit kinder to myself. Our thoughts are with you.