Friday, October 8, 2010

great news!

I know I already posted for the day, however, I just got some great news!  My uncle Ken is coming to see Mom.  I messaged my cousin, Audrey a week or so ago, not knowing my Uncle would be in town, letting him know the condition Mom is in.  She told him all about Mom and the up to date info on Mom.  Well, she let me know she told him and a few days later he said he wanted to see Mom.  I am very excited about this because we haven't seen him in years.  I mean, he lives really far away from us in the British Columbia near Vancouver somewhere.  I am not even sure where.  So it is great he wants to come.  Mom was excited when I told her.  No, I don't expect her to remember, but it is nice she is excited when I told her.

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