Friday, October 8, 2010

busy day for the little Mom

Today is an unusual day for us as we will have 3 different visitors, all for mom.  First the nurse will be here.  I don't think there is an residual effects of yesterdays tumble, but she is getting checked just in case.  Also, they need to look at her sores on her tailbone.  Poor thing.  That has got to hurt.  They are coming with a plan of action for her.  Also, today is bath day so Mom will have her bath as usual.  She is still sleeping right now.  She was awake earlier today, but has since fallen back asleep.  I am certainly not going to wake her unless absolutely necessary and it isn't right now.  Then between 3 and 5, the foot doctor will be here to trim the toes and look at a bump on one of them.  I don't think it hurts her, but who knows at this point because she doesn't always know when she is in pain.  Sometimes she doesn't know until someone touches it.  I can hear her from in her, sounds like she might be getting a cold.  Oops, just a minute she is awake now.  She doesn't want to get up yet.  I am waiting for the nurse before I get her up.  The home health care aide will be here in an hour.  I just changed the angle of the bed for her.  She will probably go back to sleep.  She hasn't been very ambitious lately in wanting to get up and get going anywhere.  Sucks for me, since I don't like being stuck in the house, but hey, what can I do?  I have to do what is right for her right now.

I could fall asleep right now again too.  Maybe I will go into the living room and sleep for a bit.  I am so tired this morning too.  We got our flu shots yesterday and my nose is a bit stuffy today.  I don't think from the shot, it's the weather, as I get this frequently all winter long especially when it gets colder and then warmer like it has the last few days.  I am also very cold this morning in our house and it isn't cold!  I mean temperature wise it is 73 degrees, yet I am freezing.  Not good signs.  I will take something to see if I can head off a cold, I certainly don't want or need one and neither does Mom.

I will be fixing a pair of jeans today, I think.  I have had them for a few weeks to fix and just haven't gotten to them yet.  Mostly it is because I totally forget about them.  yeah, not good.  I will have them done by the weekend.  It isn't like I can deliver them right now anyway.  Today is too busy for us to plan on going anywhere.  i don't even know if my machine will sew through the jean material, but I will try.  

Not much planned for the weekend.  Right now we don't do a whole lot because Mom is really weak and getting weaker by the day.  She drinks on average now, 1/2 to a full Ensure a day and that is not enough for a body to live on very long.  I have been meaning to ask how long she can survive on this little bit, but I forget when the nurse is here working with her.

Time to give Mom her medicine and she if she is ready to get up.  I hope you are having a great day!

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