Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The man from the hospital bed company is here removing the special hospital bed Mom had.  It was an air type bed to help heal her sores.  They never got worse while she slept in the bed, but since she couldn't eat, they didn't heal either.

I am alone right now for the first time since she died.  It seems so unreal at times to me because I have always lived with her.  When I was healthier and younger all my friends were having issues with their roommates and roommates boyfriends, so I didn't want to get into that situation.  I was able to just pay Mom rent and stay home.  Then when I could afford my own apartment, Mom became ill so I was needed to stay home with her.  I never minded, I mean, it isn't like she could tell me what to do or ground me or anything.  We were just roommates.  I liked living here.  The choice of an apartment over a house was not even thought of.  Our house had room to entertain if we wanted to, which we did when she was healthier a lot.  My friends would come over and we would play board games.  I love board games.  They are so much fun.  Mom and I were able to play board games up until about a year ago.  She loved moving everyone around on the board.  It was quite cute to see her do that.

The PowerPoint is finished.  Maia did a nice job with it.  The dress uniform is on mom's dressmaker form.  We had to get a different blouse because it got donated with the rest of mom's stuff in March.  If I had seen what they were doing I think a few more military stuff would not have been donated but they were and it is too late to get them back now.  I did try but they either went to a different store or they were put out a long time after they were donated.  I emailed the war museum in Ottawa, Ontario yesterday letting them know Mom has passed away so they can get her military record for them.  I am donating all Mom's military stuff to them.  They don't have a lot of post WWII on display so this will add to their displays plus Mom was one of the first women to become a major in all of Canada.  She was the first in Ontario.  I am so proud of what she accomplished while she was in the military there.  Although I remember as a child being afraid that Canada and the USA would go to war at each other and then we would be sent to concentration camps.  Amazing what children can fear isn't it?

It is a quiet day for me.  I plan to read and get some papers together to send to the State of Michigan.  I just don't plan to do much for the day right now.  It is beautiful out so I do plan to take my scooter and go for a walk after I get it together.  Mom loved going for walks so I am going to go for a scooter ride and remember all the good times we had going for walks.


  1. Heather forgive me for not offering my deepest sympathy earlier. I am so so sorry to hear about your awful loss. My mom passed away suddenly in May from cancer complications. I am very sad over the sadness you and your family must be experiencing. I hope those who love you help to comfort you and ease your pain. You are all in my thoughts.

  2. Heather let me just say I am so sorry for your tremendous loss. I can not imagine the sadness you have in your heart. But keep all the wonderful memories where you can catch yourself smiling often! I know, I have lost both of my parents. It is never easy. Please talk to me anytime. I truly love visiting you and seeing your sweet comments at my page. God Bless You! Anne

  3. I'm glad you are having a quiet day...time to collect your thoughts and rest.

    What an accomplishment for your Mom to become a Major. I'm sure she worked very hard to obtain this rank.