Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I have all the plans all ready.  There will be a viewing on Friday from 2 to 9 at the Gramer Funeral Home with the funeral service on Saturday at 11 am with a luncheon right after.  I think I am going to have Richard read the Eulogy.  I wrote one, but he can write his own, whatever he wants.  I am singing with Katie.  We are singing "You Raise Me Up", the Celtic Woman version.  It has a verse that we are both unfamiliar with, but it fits nicely with the song.  I didn't think I could sing alone and well, I didn't want to mess up either so Katie is singing with me.  I have called or face booked so many people that I lost count.  I have had people already tell me that they are coming either Friday or Saturday.  One of my cousins will be there Friday but not Saturday because she is planning to go to the burial which is close to her home.  It will be a nice service, I think she would be happy with it.  I hope so.  We have one of her military uniforms ready to be on display next to her.  We are working on getting a Canadian Flag to drape over her coffin like they do with American Flags.  All of the military stuff, except the pictures that I want, will be going to a museum in Ottawa, Ontario.  That is where the Military Museum is at.  I couldn't send her stuff a few years ago because they couldn't get a copy of her Military Record.  Now that she has passed they can.  I have to email them today.  I will do it in a few minutes.

I miss her a lot already although I am handling it okay.  I have my bad moments, like when Margaret, the No One Dies Alone volunteer, called to tell me that Mom passed quietly and without any pain.  She was with Mom at that time she died.  I was glad I was not with her because I don't think I could have handled it very well.  Mom wasn't alone and that is what matters.  Mom waited for me to go home for the night.  I was with her most of the day.  She slipped away 15 minutes after I left.


  1. Your mom is okay now. You will always miss her, but you will adapt to not having her around in your daily life. Heather, please allow yourself to experience any feelings that you have, regardless of what they are; it is part of the healing process. You took care of you mom,and it will take awhile to adjust to not having that to do. Remember that if she could see you now and talk to you she would tell you to be happy and fill your life with good things. She is fine and she wants you to be the same. It is the promise given to us that you will be together again.

  2. I completely agree with what Mya wrote. Give yourself all the time in the world to grieve, it is different for every person. Some have a short grief period, others longer. Do what is right for YOU! I'm thinking of you , Heather. Please know that I am thinking about you all the time.

    Peace & love, my dear friend.