Monday, October 4, 2010

lots of lessons day!

I had 4 lessons today, all piano.  We have officially started with Christmas music.  We had to start with the girls because they only have lessons once a month, so we can't wait until November when the concert is in December.  Hannah and Natalie are playing regular sheet music now, instead of easy piano.  They have moved up into the world!  Natalie was a little nervous I think with her one piece because it's a lot of notes to play at one time, but I think she will be just fine.  Lydia picked her songs too.  Because she has more trouble learning pieces than her sisters, she is doing easy piano music.  It is a bit too easy for her, but the next level is too hard at this point.  Bob started with Christmas last week.  It seems weird to be playing Christmas music and it isn't even Halloween yet!  Hey, you have to start early if you want students to play well in the concert and I do!  Calli and Acer are absent today, but I am not starting them on Christmas until the end of the month.  They don't need as much time to practice for the concert as the older ones do.  However, we will be starting before Halloween with them too.  Frank will be starting this week too.  Katie will start hers at her next lesson.  So all in all, everyone is starting their Christmas music.  It is very festive during lessons right now.

Mom is resting in the living room right now.  I had to get up early for my girls lessons and she didn't want to get up, so hey, I let her sleep.  Carolyn came over and she stayed with Mom and when Sylvia arrived to give Mom her bath, Carolyn's Mom came up too.  She wanted to meet Sylvia which is totally understandable as Carolyn had never met her before and was a bit worried about letting a stranger in the house.  Sylvia was just finishing up when I arrived home.  Mom was still in bed but we got her up to sit in the living room so she would be comfy for a while.  I really didn't want her laying down all day.  She needs to sit up sometimes too.  I don't push Mom getting up right now.  If she wants to stay in bed, I let her.  She is very tired all the time.  Tomorrow we get to sleep in!  I am so glad.  It seems the last few nights I have been awake on and off all night long.  I swear I saw the clock almost every hour until 5 am this morning.  It is getting rather annoying and it is the pelvic pain that is keeping me up.  At 5 am I came down the stairs to get some more pain medicine and decided to give the new stuff a second try.  Well, let me tell you, it worked because the next time I saw the clock, it was 10:00 am.  So yeah!  I plan to take that stuff again tonight.  It really helped the pain.  I could sleep without feeling any pain in that area.  So that was extremely exciting to me.  I don't know how tired it makes me so I haven't taken any yet today but it is almost time for more pain medicine so I am going to try it again.

It is nice and sunny out today unlike yesterday with the rain.  We didn't have time to go to Timmy's today.  I am not sure if we will go tomorrow or not.  All depends on Mom.  I may take a run up there while she is sleeping but I am not sure.  I don't really like doing that.  If we go I will bring her ensure with me and not get her a milk.  She needs the ensure more now than the milk because she only drinks about 1 a day.  Not much nutrition for her but according to the hospice book, it is normal.  Doesn't seem right to me, but her body is telling her it doesn't need much so she doesn't drink much.  She was coughing a bit today and it sounded like a bit of congestion.  I am hoping it isn't because she doesn't need to get sick, that could be the end of her then.  The hospice book did say though that sometimes they do get fluid in the lungs at the end.  So you can totally see why I DON'T want her to have any congestion.  I want her to last to after Christmas so I can really make a good one for her.  The Muglia girls are going to help me decorate the living room and dining room.  I am not sure where I will put the tree, but we will find a good place for it.  I am just asking for a few more months, that isn't too much is it?

One lesson tomorrow and then one on Thursday and then that is it for the week.  I hope this finds you doing well and having a great day!  It has been a good one so far here.

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