Saturday, October 2, 2010

october is finally here with nicer weather!

It is so nice outside today.  Definitely my type of day, except for the rain.  It isn't raining right now, so I am happy about that, but it did rain earlier in the morning.  Mom is doing a bit better nutrition wise today than she has the last few days.  She downed a full ensure bottle in 15 minutes this afternoon when I got her up.  I didn't get her up until about 1 pm because she didn't want to get up.  She can't walk very well but I am hoping it will improve with the added nutrition.  We were supposed to go to my Uncle's today, but I didn't think she could handle the drive and she can't walk well.  She is sitting up much straighter now and isn't leaning to the left as much as she was yesterday.  Yesterday she was bent way over and leaning to the left really bad.  It was frightening because she was so weak she couldn't hold herself up right.  Today she is better, especially after downing the ensure.  I am hopeful we can get another one down her today.  That is my goal, and maybe with a boost pudding later too.  Possibly even with some dinner!  Now that would make my day, completely make my day!

The pain is getting much better, it only hurts a small amount now so yeah for that!  The pain medicine is starting to really help the pain as it gets much better.  I never want to go through anything like this again.  Never!

Not much is going on today.  I am going to venture into our dungeon (the family room) to pull out a Christmas ornament craft to begin on.  I am not sure.  I think because she is doing so well I will try to put in a movie to watch.  Right now she isn't tired so I won't put her in the living room for a nap, but maybe will need to later.  We shall see.  Right now I want to really just spend some time with her even if we are just sitting next to each other in the dining room.

I hope you are enjoying the nice fall weather.  It is so beautiful out, weather wise, compared to what it was a month ago.  I am so glad to see October.  It is a happy month in this house, even though I don't really like Halloween.  Don't know why, just don't like it as much as Christmas.  Love the Christmas season, simply love every bit of it, even the annoying shoppers can't get me down!  I will begin to purchase Christmas presents this month so I will have enough money to pay for the presents.  If I don't start now, then no one will get anything.  I don't know what to get Mom because she is in such bad condition, there is a new Tinkerbell movie out and she loves Tinkerbell, so maybe that.  We'll see!

Have a great afternoon!

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