Saturday, October 9, 2010

saturday - a better day

Today is a much better day for us than the last couple.  Mom finally got up (she was awake but didn't want to move, much to my begging her too) and we got ready just in time for Aggie's lesson at noon.  We were starting to go over her Broadway music when I realized we needed to start Christmas music.  Since she won't be home until the first week of November, we had to get started today.  She picked out both her pieces.  One is a take on First Noel with Pachebel's Canon in D and the other has completely escaped my mind.  Yes, I do remember, Ding Dong Merrily on High.  How can I forget????  Not good!  My other angels will be starting their music rather shortly.  With the beginners, you don't have to start as early as the more advanced students as their music is much shorter that the advanced students.  Calli will be starting her vocal Christmas music this week or next depending on what she would like to do.  She has 2 songs already and will be beginning 2 more pieces for Christmas.  She is such a doll.  Acer will be beginning his after Halloween.  He is so talented that to begin now, he will be bored.  As it is, he will know his sister's music by Christmas too.  I have to break the news to the young man that Frank has taken a break from lessons so he will not be accompanying him on the drums at Christmas.  Maybe he can with Bob or Charlie.  He will be disappointed as am I, but Frank is just overwhelmed with school and marching band right now that he hasn't played the piano in a month.  That is just not Frank.

Tomorrow Maggie is coming over for fun, not for book club (since it isn't book club week).  I am excited about that.  Mom's friend, Jose, is supposed to visit this weekend too.  I am not sure when, but that is okay, we will be home pretty much all weekend long.  Mom is sitting at the dining room table with me and has been for about 3 hours now.  This is the longest she has sat here in a week.  Definitely a better day for the little lady.  She is playing with her favorite toys, the tissue and tissue box.  She folds and unfolds and then refolds the tissues over and over again.  hey, it is a cheap toy that keeps her entertained for hours!  What can go wrong?  She has had a few sips of Ensure and 1/4 of a boost pudding so I am happy about that.  I guess I can't expect more from her because she just can't give it to me.

I tried to call Andrew today but he is either not home or not answering his phone.  He does this a lot.  He changed his email and I don't know what it is now.  I don't know if he got my message from face book or not since he didn't answer it.  Both brothers are horrible about answering stuff.  I have just learned to accept it.  I just talked to Andrew, he gave me his new email address and I sent him an update.  I hope it doesn't shock him.  It can be rather shocking to realize that mom is very close to death.

I also wanted to thank Missy S.  She wrote a post a few days ago about her Grandfather and his experience with Alzheimer's.  It made me feel good to know that others have gone through this too.  It is one horrible disease, although I can't say I know of any good disease in this world.  It was a very touching post about his last days.

Anyways, I hope this finds you doing well and having a great day!  It is so beautiful out here, we were out for a brief period going to and from the car!  Mom didn't even complain she was cold so she must have been warm enough for a change!  We have the front door open to let the sunshine in!  Happy Saturday to you!!

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  1. Thank you very much for commenting on my blog's appearance and about the post I wrote about my grandpa. Alzheimers is a horrible disease with how it literally eats out your mind, leaving nothing behind but a shell of what the person once was. Just try and have patience and be strong as you can for your mom. She is getting excellent care from you, so don't let your brothers make you think you are NOT. At least you are THERE for her. I hope you guys continue to do OK and get enough rest.
    Love to you and your mom!