Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lazy Sunday!

It has been a very lazy day for me here.  I got up and got dressed around 11:30 am.  I talked on the phone for a bit then went and taught 1 lesson before I got Mom up.  She didn't want to get up at that point so I didn't make her.  After Katie's lesson I got Mom up.  It was very tiring for the two of us.  It is a long walk to the other bathroom to get her ready.  I am going to try a new way tonight in the living room getting her undressed and ready for bed.  We DID go to Tim Horton's today.  It was the first time we went together since I was in the hospital Wednesday evening.  It totally wiped her out so it wasn't the usual fun time.  I think next time I will use the wheelchair.  I can put the wheelchair at the bottom of the steps, walk her out the door and down the steps and then put her in.  Then I can wheel her to the car.  Once we get where we are going, I can put her back into the wheelchair and take her in.  It shouldn't tire her out so much that way nor should it tire me so much.  I literally slept for 4 1/2 hours this afternoon, I was that tired.  Mom is still in the living room.  She is in some pain and doesn't want to move.  I tried to get her to come to the dining room but she just hurts to much so I left her in there.  She has had 1/3 of an ensure today.  I will be making some chicken for her shortly when I make me something to eat too.  I hope she eats some of it.  I will just feed her in the living room.

I think I am going to get an air mattress for me to sleep on in the living room because it is very difficult for me to sleep that far away from her.  If she should need me in the middle of the night, I won't hear her because 1 - I am far away upstairs in the furthest from the stairs bedroom and 2 - I am partially deaf.  So between those two issues, I think that might make me feel better about her sleeping downstairs away from me.

I wish we were able to go to my Uncle's yesterday because my cousin, Billy, was there and I haven't seen him in a few years.  He is really nice and a good cousin.  My other cousin, Nicole, and her family were there too and I really like her too.  Actually, I like most of my cousins, they are good friends as well as family members.  They are very helpful.  I love them all so much.  I don't know if Mom will be able to make that long trip again, but we can see.  I have a wheelchair and I can use it for her.  She also has a walker that she can use.  It is so hard to watch a once, very vibrant person become so weak and frail.  Mom was such a go getter that I wish you could have seen her.  But I am thankful she is still here for now.

The pelvic pain is minimum now.  It still hurts, but not like it did.  I am taking some pain medicine to take care of it and it helps, but doesn't eliminate the pain totally.  Because of the antibiotics, I am afraid to take my blood thinner medication because they don't react well together.  I will be taking them again after the antibiotics are finished, which should be by Wednesday or Thursday.  I only have the usual headache today although when we were eating lunch I had pain in my neck and upper back but I know that was from leading and helping Mom walk.

I got Christmas music out for the Muglia girls tonight.  Since they have lessons only 1 time a month, I felt we needed to start now and not wait until November's lesson.  I want them to be prepared for the Christmas Concert.  I should know the date shortly.  Heather B-T is taking care of that for me.  I am happy to have the help.  I am pretty flexible on the date.  I did give her my order of choices, but in reality, whenever we are able to get the church works for me.

Tomorrow will be a bit busy for me, but I look forward to it.  It is hard for me at times to fill my day up with enough to do.  I never know what I will be up for either, which makes it even harder.  I have a few less students than I have ever had so that is hard too.  If I had some more, it would be good.  I would have things to do and students to teach.  Blasted economy!  It is hard on people in general and very hard on me as I am a luxury item.  I am the first to go.  But, I know God is in control and he has a plan for me.  I don't know what it is yet, but I am waiting to find out.

I hope this finds you doing well.  We are, overall, doing okay in the house.  Mom is getting a bit stronger, but not too much.  We can't expect miracles with this illness, that is for sure but for her to hang on a bit longer is good.

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