Friday, October 1, 2010


The pelvic pain has been cured, well, sort of since it still hurts, but not as bad as it did.  It turned out to be an abscess on me.  It was very painful to do anything, and well, Wednesday did it for me.  After practically crying most of the day from the pain, I went to the ER.  Now I felt rather weird about this because it wasn't truly an emergency and that is what emergency room means.  However, it turned out to be the best thing because the ultrasound wouldn't have picked it up.  It would have missed it all.  So, I would still be in pain and not knowing what was wrong.  They pricked and drained it.  Supposedly they numbed the area.  Okay, but it still hurt and I was petrified.  Simply scared to death.  I am supposed to sit and soak everyday 3 to 4 times a day but I have to get the sit bath basin to do it.  I will be getting that this afternoon.  Somehow I have to keep that area completely clean, a challenge but with the soakings that should help.  The doctor did say I would ache like crazy yesterday but today would be better and it is.  Not good enough for me, but better.  I hope it is even better tomorrow because, quite frankly, 2 weeks of this torture is enough.  I did learn that had I had this diagnosed earlier, like last week, I could have saved myself not only some pain, but they could have given me medicine and it would have drained itself.  But no, I was embarrassed and upset and look what happened.

The old hospital bed is gone and the new one is in its place.  I still don't like the idea of Mom down here away from me at night, but she is so weak now.  She had a really hard time walking this morning and we have to go to the store.  (I am waiting to see if the girl down the street can come and stay with her for a few while I go)  She nearly fell 2 times walking to the bathroom on this level.  It is a further walk in the morning for her and the bathroom is smaller but what can we do?  I can't afford to bust out a wall and make it a good size bathroom.  In this new bed she only needs one pillow as her head was completely off the pillows when I came down this morning.  Not a good thing for her.  I guess the pillows were too high.  I also think they aren't her pillows but I can't find hers.  It is really upsetting me but what can I do? I can't find them.  Maybe they just look different on this bed.  I am going to wait another 1/2 hour and then we are going to have to go to the store.  I need to soak today with this basin.  Not that I want to, but I have to.  I need to keep the area clean.

So far, it has been a pretty good day overall.  Mom had her bath and now she looks nice and spiffy.  Although she looks very tired and weak.  She had about 1/4 of a Ensure yesterday and that was it.  So far today she has drank 1/2 of one.  I am trying to get 2 down her today plus some chicken.  I pray it works.  I don't need her going down farther.  She is going down fast enough.

My head is more sore than usual.  Probably trying to recover from staying on a stretcher for the last day and a half.   My back is better because it was really getting sore too from the same thing and well, I could only lay on my back because of the pain.  I am a side sleeper.  On my back I sometimes stop breathing and it also hurts it if I lay to long on it.  I do hope the pain pills work for me.  They wanted to give me vicodin at the hospital.  I am allergic to vicodin, I told the doctor that I get really bad headaches from it and she still wanted to give me it.  Why would I take something that makes my head hurt really bad?  I also am allergic to codeine.  Another alternative was Tylenol 3 which has codeine in it.  Where on earth was the doctor's head?  I get bad headaches from each of them.  I am not going to take them.  Those were my only 2 options so I had to take no option.  I simply refused to take either as they both make me ache more.  I know there is more than that option available, just think a bit about it.  Really, sometimes doctors make absolutely no sense.

It is beautiful out and we will be heading out soon to get my basin.  I think I will just go to the pharmacy right up the street instead of Walmart where we usually go.  I hope you have beautiful weather too.


  1. Heather, I am so glad that you are feeling better and it was treated at the ER. I'm sorry you are still in pain, though. Can you take the pills you got yesterday from the doctor you went to? Just a thought. I hope you get relief soon!

    Love ya!

  2. Hope everyday will bring added relief. Do get in touch with your regular doctor (on call or whatever), or go back to the ER, and get the medication that you need. Writhing in pain can make your blood presure go up, and it might mean even more medication to get on top of the pain.
    Sorry to hear about your Mom. Mine too is experiencing more confusion, and is eating and drinking less. Less fluids lead to dehydration which make the confusion worst.
    Do take care of yourself, amd I am thinking and praying for you both.

  3. oh Mya! I know somewhat what you are going through. Less fluids also lead to more Urinary Tract Infections so keep an eye out for those. they cause major confusion too. Mom is drinking a bit better today though, so I am glad about that.