Monday, May 23, 2011


I had 2 lessons today, Bob and Emily.  Both were doing very well.  Bob has started a new Sonatina.  I told him to go home last week and try each movement, then decide which movement he wanted to start with.  He chose the 1st movement.  It is simply wonderful.  I loooooove Clementi.  i would have to say he is my favorite composer.  His sonatinas are simply delicious and I could go on and on about them.  I made a comment last week about Clementi being my favorite and Bob chuckled.  He said I figured that out a long time ago as we visit his music quite frequently!  Silly me!!!  I guess I should know I am transparent when it comes to loving certain songs.  Every student when they get to a certain level learns Clementi's Sonatinas.  The Muglia girls just learned their first one.  I think they really enjoyed it.  Emily is learning skipping notes.  She just started learning how to read music a few weeks ago, so she is doing very well with it.  I think I may copy some music for her to really make sure she understands note reading.  She is in 2nd grade and simply adorable!  She is such a cutie and so interested in learning piano.  She seems to really love music.  It is fun watching a young one learn music.

I am still feeling some weakness in my arms.  I mentioned it to my rheumatologist.  She didn't really say anything about it.  I will mention it again when I see her in a few weeks for the results of the X-ray and the blood tests.  I am a bit nervous about it.  The fatigue is really getting to me.  I mean, I slept most of yesterday away.  I could have done that again today.  I am tired of being tired, I really am.  It is worse than some of the pain at this point.  At least with the pain, I can take some pain medicine, but with the fatigue, there isn't anything to be done about it.  Sometimes, I am so tired I go to lie down and when I am lying down I am more awake than when I am sitting up.  It makes me wonder should I just do things while I am lying down?  I just don't know anymore.  I really don't.  I am hoping for some answers from the doctor on the 13th.  That is the day!  I can only hope that there are answers.  I am tired of not having any, we all know what that is like!  It gets frustrating when you don't get any answers.  I also have had my hands going numb again, that is fun, NOT!  I also mentioned this to the doctor too.  If necessary, I will mention it again.  My left hand is going numb as I write.  I had to move my hand to wake it up again.

The newest Pirate Movie came out this weekend.  I plan to see it someday, just not this weekend.  Maybe Lily would like to see it.  It is possible.  She is out of school next week.  I saw the other 3 with Mom and it makes me sad to plan to see the newest one without my movie buddy.  At least if I see it with Lily, it will be good.  Lily and I have seen a few movies together.  We were supposed to go a few weeks ago, but we couldn't because of the funeral and viewing of my friend and neighbor.

Harry Potter comes out in July.  It is supposed to be in 3D.  I do know they will show it in 2D too so that is the one I plan to see it.  Pirates is also in 3D but I will see it in 2D.  I just don't like 3D.  I can't stand stuff flying at my face.  It really bothers me.  I have never liked it.  The only time it didn't really bother me was when mom and I went to Henry Ford Museum IMAX theatre and we saw an ocean movie.  It was really good and they didn't have things flying towards your face so I totally loved it.  The ones in Disney World aren't too bad either, not too much flying in your face.  However, I think that Pirates and HP will having things flying at you so I won't take that risk.  It seems weird that I go to see movies without Mom, but unless I never want to see another movie again (ooh, that would be awful - I love movies) I have to learn to go without her.  I have seen movies by myself before.  When the Return of the King came out, I was there opening day all by myself.  My brother, Andrew couldn't believe I went alone, but I did.  i was enthralled by that movie!  I looooove the Lord of the Rings Movies.  They were and are so wonderful.  I loaned them to the Muglia's this past summer so the girls can see them.  They loved them too.

Pain wise the day was normal.  However, fatigue wise, it was pretty bad.  I will be heading for bed very shortly because I am so tired.  As far as numbness, that hasn't been too good either today.  All around, not a great day except for the lessons.  They were great.  I do hope your day was better than mine!

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  1. Hey Heather-
    What a gift you have with music! I listen, but don't have the first clue about playing.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck on your road to better health!

    One of my favorites: "It isn't the great big pleasures that count the most. It's making a great big deal out of the little ones." Enjoy a little moment today. :)