Thursday, May 5, 2011


It has been a decent day so far.  I got my Breanna for her lessons and then went to the bank to make a deposit.  I have almost 1/2 for the house payment due in 1 1/2 weeks.  Breanna is deciding on what to sing for the concert in 2 Sundays.  She did decide what to play on the piano so she will be practicing those two pieces all week.  Next Saturday I will print the program after I get color ink for the printer.  I don't have any right now in it so it won't print very well.  The new printer prints so slow that I will just use the old one for the program besides since I need to print on both sides, I can do that on the old one much easier than with the new one.

I need to seed the front and side grass.  I don't know if first I should have it raked though because I have never been in charge of this before so I am not sure.  We have several bare spots that have never been in our lawn before.  Not good, if you ask me.  I wished I had paid more attention to Mom working outside now.  I never was very interested in working outside so I didn't pay attention.  Not a good thing, I know.  We have several big bare spots and a few small bare spots.  Breanna's mom said they should be raked first. I have a rake but I am not sure that I can stand long enough to do this.  I will try tomorrow afternoon if it isn't raining.  We have a thatching rake too but I remember how heavy it was to pull so I am hoping a light rake will work too.  I shall find out.  Originally, earlier in the week, the weatherperson said it was supposed to rain a lot this weekend, now they say mostly on Saturday.  I wish they would get their predictions a bit more accurate but I suppose with something like the weather, it would be hard to do.  I want to put seed down before the rain so that it doesn't have to be watered in since I no longer have any sprinklers.   All of them are gone.  I don't think I have one left.  The hoses are in the shed but I don't know what kind of shape they are in right now.  I don't really want to buy a new hose or a sprinkler, I would rather it rain.  I am at a loss of what to do with the yard right now.  I don't have enough money right now to fix it up too much.  I plan to save for next summer and put in some bushes in the empty spot out front.  I don't know.  It is giving me a headache thinking about it.  I will worry about it later.

I have told the storage unit people that we will be empty by the end of the month.  I am so excited about this.  I just don't want or need the unit anymore.  So far, it seems the snow globes have survived the storage unit.  I am glad.  I plan to take a few more boxes out of there tomorrow.  I just have to empty my truck with the book boxes and then the trunk will be ready.

On Sunday, Mother's Day, I am taking my friend, Donna out for lunch.  Since I miss my little Mom so much and I don't want to be alone.  I am picking her up at 11:30 and we are going somewhere, I just don't know where.  I will see what we feel like on Sunday.  Most places will be busy, but that is okay, we have all afternoon and I won't be alone.  It will be the first without Mom so I had to do something special otherwise I might hide in my room for the entire day, sleeping.  (Hmm, that actually doesn't sound so bad, sleep!)  Andrew is not going to visit Mom's gravesite so neither am I.  I just don't really want to be by myself for the entire day.  Part of the day, that will be fine, but I don't want to be alone for the entire day.  Sundays are usually my day to sleep in really late and do whatever because I don't teach that day unless it is a make up.  I need to have one day to myself even though right now I do have a lot of time for myself, I am hoping to be teaching more soon or at least by the fall.  Right now I am thankful for at least 1 lesson at day Monday through Saturday.

I don't have anything else to do this afternoon except for housework.  Yuck.  I don't mind most of it.  I am tired as usual today.  I did get a wee nap in before the Breanna's lessons but now I am exhausted again.  I don't know if I will just go to bed early or take a little nap now.  It is a bit late so I just don't know what would be best.  I will see in a bit.

Pain level is normal, nothing out of the ordinary.  I have pretty much completely forgotten what it is like not to have a headache, body aches, and joint aches everyday.  I don't remember what pain free days feel like.  I am sure they are wonderful, but I don't know them anymore.  I also don't know what it is like to be full awake all day long.  It seems so long ago when I felt like that.

I do hope this finds you doing well and having a less pain day.

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