Tuesday, May 24, 2011

quiet evening

I had Charlie's lesson and then I decided to go to Chipotle's for dinner.  I was feeling a bit Mexican and since I don't cook Mexican food, that I needed to go and buy some.  Tomorrow I have 2 one hour lessons that I am looking forward too.  Charlie did well at his lesson.  His Tenor Saxophone reed was a bit squeaky for the first part of the lesson so he switched.  He was fine then and the rest of his lesson went well.  He finished a few exercises and started a few more.  We are working on Articulation and that is one of his weak points however, with as many exercises we have done, he is doing much better.  I am a stickler for Articulation.  There are teachers who are not, I don't know why, a slur should be slurred, a staccato should be staccato.  It drives me nuts when musicians ignore articulation.  I mean, if the composer didn't want a specific articulation, then they would not have written it that way.  I always had teachers who were very particular on that.  I did have some teachers who worked for me who blew it off for beginners.  Unfortunately, I had a few of them for students after the other teachers and found it very difficult for them to learn a new habit after blowing it off for the first few years.  It is part of the reason I don't play with the student during their lesson.  Every teacher I know who doesn't focus on articulation plays with their student.  My theory is they can't hear what the student is exactly doing because they have to focus on what they are doing instead of just on their students.  I don't play with my students because I never had a teacher who played their instrument with me.  I need to focus on my student and what they are doing.  This is just my OPINION but I am not sure I am giving my full attention if I must also focus on what I am doing.  Like I said, this is just my opinion.

I am watching, as usual, NCIS!  Yes!  It is Tuesday!  That means it is time for NCIS.  I won't be, however, watching NCIS Los Angeles because the finale for Dancing with the Stars will be on and it is the day we find out who wins the mirrored ball trophy.  I don't know who is going to win.  This time, it isn't clear on who will win.  They are all good and I like them all.  That is the hard part, I want them all to win.

I met with Rosemary today for lunch.  I went up to Tim Horton's and she was already there.  I was pleased to see her.  I have been wondering how she is doing.  It has been a few weeks since Irv passed away and right now she is so busy with paperwork that she is doing okay.  She did say it is hard getting used to stay in the house at night by herself.  I know what that is like.  She is working on her garden which I am sure is therapeutic.  My mom said that working on her garden was soothing for her.  I wish I could garden and be soothed but I don't have a green thumb.  Mom had that and I did NOT inherit it.  My brothers were better at yards and gardens than I am.

I have also realized that even though I want to go and see Richard, even if he sends for me, I can't really afford to go.  I need all my lessons to pay the bills and with summer comes more absences.  It would be best for me to go at Christmas when I save more money to pay the bills when I am missing lessons.  However, I don't expect Richard to send for me.  He is so busy right now that I just don't expect him to have time.  I am hoping that he will come and see Andrew's graduation next month.  We shall see.  I miss my brother.  maybe I will get lucky and he and his family will come to town this summer.  That would be the best plan.  They could stay here.  I have enough room now.  Between my room and the guest rooms, there is plenty of room for the family.  I would really like to see Jennifer and the kids.  I haven't seen them in 3 years.  I need to see my niece and nephew more than every three years.  They are now 10 and almost 12.  It is crazy how fast they grow up.  I do want to see them again before they are 18 and in college.  That would be nice.

It has been an okay day.  Weather wise it has been simply wonderful!  It is so beautiful out.  Perfect temperature.  Pain wise, it is okay, nothing too different than usual.  the headache is the same as usual, nothing worse than normal.  Only the fatigue is higher than usual, which has been the usual for the last few weeks.  Only a few more weeks until is see the arthritis doctor and hopefully a few answers.

I do hope today has been good for you!

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