Tuesday, May 17, 2011

thoughts of the day

It was such a fun lunch today!  i met up with my friend Jennie at Applebee's and talked for about 2 hours.  I really enjoyed myself a lot.  I got to see a few scrapbooks that she had put together.  One was from their first trip to Disney and the other was a family tree of her husbands family.  They were both done so nicely! I have to put some of the pictures of Mom in a scrapbook of just her.  I want to make one for each boy as well as one for myself.  I think the boys would like it a lot.  I just don't know if I will be able to sort the pictures enough to do that.  I will try this summer when my sewing room is finished.  I will have room there for crafts and scrapbooking too.  All in all, I would have to say lunch was great.  I love meeting with Jennie and hearing how the family is doing.  She has 4 children, the oldest 2 are twins and they are 10, then an 8 year old with the 20 month old finishing the family up.  She is also planning to go to the 25 year reunion this October.  I wanted to check for sure.  I am glad she is going too.  I am planning to go and so is Kathy with her husband, Tony.

I realized that because I was so wiped on Sunday, I missed Army Wives!  I did!  I can't believe it!  How did I miss it?  I was in bed about 8 pm.  I just couldn't stay awake anymore.  I will hopefully be able to catch up with the episode on the Lifetime channel webpage.  I am going to try to watch it tomorrow afternoon before lessons.  I have never watched anything on the computer from the Internet before.  It will be a new experience for me.

I have the heater on again tonight.  I am just so cold!  I have a sweatshirt on too, but still, I am cold.  Tonight is NCIS!  I love my NCIS!  It is the season finale though, I think.  That disappoints me, but hey, what can I say?  I love my NCIS shows.  I think I have been able to see the every episode of the last two seasons.  I know I have missed a few of NCIS Los Angeles this season and last, but I think I have seen all of the regular NCIS episodes.  I am sure if there is one that I have missed, I will catch it on the reruns.  I don't watch a whole lot of TV, it just isn't interesting to me right now, but I don't miss the NCIS shows if I don't have to.  I did watch a lot of HGTV but it is getting boring now that there are a lot of repeat shows.  I have started reading a lot more again.  The used bookstore is great for that.  I need some new authors.  I think I have read every book that my favorite authors have written, if not, it is darn close.  I take suggestions, so if you have any, let me know.  I was very into Kristin Hannah a few months ago.  I have read almost all of her books now.  I own about 8 or so of them now.  I think I have read most of them 2 times through.  I have read all the Harry Potter books at least 5 times now not to mention the Twilight Books at least 3 times each.  I am not sure where the book New Moon is right now either.  I know that it is downstairs somewhere.  I can't wait until the books are back where they belong, on the bookshelves.  I am bringing the bookshelf downstairs that is in the living room right now.  I will replace it with another shorter bookshelf for the children's toys that I keep for siblings waiting for piano lessons taking place.  Acer has asked if I had other toys other than the cars, legos, and stuffed animals.  I had to say, I am sorry, no I don't.  I don't know what other toys to add to the collection.  I am on a very tight budget and would not be able to add any more for a few months.  I will ask him for suggestions.  Maybe there is something at the Thrift Store that the kids would like.  It has to be a silent toy though and Acer really likes ones that make noises, not that I blame him, they are the fun ones.

Today was a really good day.  I enjoyed lunch with Jennie and Charlie had a really good lesson.  I gave him all the returnable cans because he and his girlfriend are collection them for the relay for life.  He was happy about that.  I was glad to help.  I had at least $10 worth of returnables for him.  I hope tomorrow is as good as it was today.  I have 3 one hour lessons tomorrow starting with Carson, then Rick, and finally Beth.  I am very glad about that.  I do hope you are having a good day too.

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