Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Concert day!

The Spring Concert went well.  All of the students who performed did very well.  One little one, decided at the last minute he couldn't do this, but that was okay.  He has only had a few lessons and that was just fine.  He didn't want to stay to watch the concert so his mom took him home.  I will see him at his lesson this week.  I also mentioned to him that he has the option to sing with someone at the concerts and Aggie was right there and said I will sing with you.  He smiled at that so I think for the next concert, Aggie will sing with him.  He is such a good student not to mention an adorable young man.

We had a bit of a reception after the concert which went well.  All the students talked to each other and started to get to know each other a bit.  It was wonderful.  A couple of students couldn't stay for the reception, they had to go right away, but that was okay.

I am just waiting for it to become time for bed.  I am so tired.  These concerts take a lot out of me, but I wouldn't miss them for the world.  I love the concerts that we do.  I love the students showing what they have learned and how they have progressed.  I really do.  I finished the program in plenty of time last night, the only thing I did do though was leave Calli's CD here at home.  yup, I had to race back home to pick it up before the concert started.  Boy was I missing Mom for organizing me for the concert.  Usually, the bag is packed the night before.  i remembered that in the middle of the night but I was too tired to come and pack it at that time.  I packed it this morning and forgot the CD.  Thank goodness i remembered before she sang or it was too late to come back and get it.  We even got started close to on time with this oopsie that I did.  The concert lasted about 45 minutes to an hour.  We all stayed for about another 1 1/2 hours after chatting away before we cleaned up and left.  I am rather tired now but I was fine while I was there.  I brought home some pop that was left over and a few cookies and 2 brownie cakes.  They will be for this week.  Boy are they yummy!  I will eat 1 a day and not have too many in one day.  That is my goal.  I have done pretty well with eating better this last couple days.  I will do even better this week.

I have a busy week of the usual lessons.  I also have a subdivision meeting this week too.  It is the annual meeting.  I have to remember to set aside the dues money that will be collected at the meeting.  I should be able to pay it while I am at the meeting.  It would be better if I did, that way I won't forget all about it like I have in the past.  Not a recommended thing to forget.

Pain levels are a bit higher than usual, probably because of the rain.  My hands are sore tonight too.  It has poured rain all day.  I hope next weekend is good because Kathy and Tony are coming to help empty the storage unit.  It should only take a few hours on Saturday and then we should be finished with it.  That is my goal!  I do hope this finds you doing well and having a good day.  Maybe even some sunshine for you!  As soon as I get the results of all the testing being done, I will post them.  I have started having some night sweats again.  I am hoping I won't tonight.


  1. Heather, your concert sounds lovely. I know the concert is to show how the students have progressed, but it also shows how you have given them a part of YOUR gift. You should be very've accomplished a job well done.

    Did you stop to think that your Mom reached thru you in reminding you to pack Calli's CD? I think your Mom communicates with you. Are you listening? :-D

    Maybe the night sweats are hormonal.

    I'm having a relaxful day.

  2. Your concert sounded wonderful! I wish you well and hope you can feel good this week. I know you struggle with health issues. I am glad you remembered to pack that CD. I think your mom is watching you from Heaven! Enjoy the week but some good rest first! Anne

  3. Hi Heather, the concert sounds like it turned out great, lots of hard work on both yours and your students' parts! Deb is right, your mom certainly did have a hand in getting that CD to you, and I am guessing the night sweats are hormonal, also...I use the patch (hormone) and mine have about stopped..they, along with the fibro and everythin else, can be debillitating.
    Good job!