Wednesday, May 18, 2011

mid week

I had 3 one hour lessons starting at 4:30.  It was nice.  I miss teaching one lesson after one lesson.  The lessons started with Carson's piano lessons.  He is doing pretty well.  He will be starting to read bass clef notes next week.  I can't wait.  It should be fun.  I asked him to please bring his flash cards next week.  We will need them.  Then he got 2 new vocal songs.  He was pretty happy to sticker 2 songs that we are done with.  He did ask if he could sing one of them if he wanted too.  I said sure, you can sing it all the time if you want.  Carson is such a cutie.  He is 8 years old and has been singing for about 6 weeks now and playing piano for about 4 weeks now.  Rick is back from his yoga trip so he had is lesson this evening.  We started two new songs tonight too.  Beth brought her audition material so we worked on it for about 1/2 lesson.  I was happy that she brought the music so that we could work on it.

Other than the lessons, not much is going on.  I bought some new wet swiffer cloths but I didn't feel like cleaning the floor so I didn't.  I will do it tomorrow after Breanna's lesson before Amanda's lesson.

It has been an okay day, it definitely improved this afternoon.  I was tired and a bit bored but since I slept in I didn't want to take a nap.  Kathy called right before my little guy's lesson, I was happy to talk to her.  We spoke for a good 20 minutes until Carson arrived.  She is coming to town to help me on Saturday.  I can't wait for that stupid unit to be empty!  I am so looking for it.  I am also very happy to see her this weekend.  I am thankful for the help.  Julie is going to help me with the family room after Emily and Lily are out of school.  Emily graduates this year.  Oh my gosh!  Emily turns 18 on Friday!  Oh my!  I just remembered that.  I remember her when she was 6, now she is going to be 18.  Wow, that was fast.  At least I have Lily for a while longer.  She is 13 and growing up super fast.  It is hard to believe how fast she is growing too.  Aggie is going to be 21 on Friday.  She reminded me of that last week.  Students grow up way too fast, that is all I have to say.

Pain level is okay today, just normal, nothing more than normal.  My head is a bit worse than usual today.  I don't know why.  It just is.  I hope it is back to normal tomorrow.  I hope your day was okay.

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  1. Glad that you're coping well, and yeah time flies. My brother is starting to look like a teenager, to me he's still a's bittersweet.