Wednesday, May 11, 2011

lovely new student

I had a new student today.  She is 32 and wants to singing better because she is becoming involved in community theatre.  What a wonderful goal.  She is working on 3 songs and will begin some classical music next week.  She is very interested in singing well.  She plans to audition in June for the Music Man.  Next week she will also have her audition music too.  I am excited to work with her.  She has a nice tone to her voice and we worked on the basics, lifting her eyebrows, air flow, and a few other things.  Beth will also be working on her breathing this week too.  She has a really cute notebook that she brought with her.  She ended up being 20 minutes late because she got lost.  Just as I was turning the computer on to get her phone number, she called me saying she was lost.  GPS's always seem to get people lost when they are on their way to my house, same thing with directions from Google or Mapquest.  So I gave her the directions and she arrived about 5 minutes later.  She was rather embarrassed to be late but that is okay.  She was also very nice about having to change her time just for next week because Rick has that time as a makeup for the day before when he would be just arriving home from his vacation.

Carson also did very well with his lesson today.  He chose his 2 piano pieces and is planning to sing only 1 song.  He is such a cutie, he really is.  He is going to sing "I'd Do Anything" from Oliver.  He is playing 2 piano songs that we are working on.  Next week he will be learning to start to read music.  We start with bass clef first and then we move on to treble clef.  I am excited and I have to remind him to bring flashcards next week too.  He doesn't always remember to bring them.  We haven't really needed them until next week.  He forgot his other two books  today.  We did have some homework in the Theory book but I don't know if he did it.  I will find out next week if he did it.

I had to go to the arthritis doctor this morning.  She isn't really happy that I am taking Meloxicam.  There is a risk (apparently very high) risk of bleeding with it because of the coumiden I take.  I have to have an xray on my lower back and two hips.  I have been extremely weak lately and super exhausted.  I also have to get more blood tests done.  Ugh, as if I don't get enough blood tests, I need more!  Yeah, I will be getting that this week or early next week.  For the xray, it is a walk in clinic at the hospital.  Out patient services.  The doctor wants me to go to the hospital because it is where I got it before and they can compare the old one to the new one.  I don't know what to do about the Meloxicam because it really helps the hips and back pain.  I haven't had any bleeding problems since I started it so I guess it has been okay.  I just know that without it, the pain is excruciating and I can barely walk so I really don't want to stop taking it.  There isn't anything else I can replace it with and that is the problem.

Despite the not sure what to do about the medicine, it has been a good day.  I am tired, as usual, and getting ready for bed soon, but overall, I have to say it has been an okay day.  I miss Mom, but that is soooo normal.  Pain is normal too.  I am yawning like crazy now.  I hope you have had a good day too.

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