Monday, May 2, 2011


It has been an interesting day so far today.  Of course, the news is full of the death of Osama Bin Laden.  10 years later and they have finally caught him.   I have read so much on face book about it.  People's reactions have been interesting.  My only thought is good luck explaining to God the plan to murder 3,000 just because they happened to be in New York, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon.  I would NOT want to be the fly on that wall.

I am not as tired as I was yesterday.  I woke up in time to go to the Muglia's house.  Naturally, I left the 2 sewing machines that are supposed to go to them at home on the shelves.  Yeah, wasn't that the brilliant thing?  I don't think so.  I think at this point the thing to do would be to put them in the car and take them to the girls whether it is lesson day or not.  Just put them in and take them.  That is the new plan.  If I wait I know that I will continue to forget the day of their lessons.  I also need to get Lydia her $20 gift certificate for Joann's.  She has reached her 500 points so she needs this.  It takes almost a year to get 500 points.  You get points by practicing.  Each day you practice, you get a point.  If you practice 5 days a week and you don't skip 2 days in a row (and lessons don't count as practice!), then you get 2 extra points.  So the most you can get is 10 points.  That would be practicing before your lesson and after your lesson and believe me, I have students who do both.  Hannah and Natalie will no longer get points.  They gave it up today.  When they turn 16 they don't get them anymore anyways so Natalie said she didn't want them anymore because she likes to practice and she doesn't need them.  Wow, talk about growing up?  I was pleased to hear that she likes to practice and doesn't need points.  She does still need to keep track of her practicing, but she just won't get any points anymore.  Her Alla Turca sounds so nice now.  All three girls are doing quite well, and for young Sarah (7) is doing wonderful!  She has learned both treble and bass clef C position.  I am quite pleased with her progress too.  Both she and Emily, I think, will get along very well.  I am very happy with how all my students are doing now because they all practice and are anxious to learn.  That is what so important to me.  I don't have any students right now that don't practice like I have had in the past.  I am very glad about this.  It is unusual, but I am sure I will get those type again, but not for now.  One good thing about money being tight for everyone, only students who really want to learn are learning right now.  I don't have to try to convince a student that practicing is fun.  (Which, to me, it is - I love practicing and always have)

I don't have the bad headache again like I did yesterday.  I am so glad about that!  It went away in the night.   It went back to the regular headache.  I had a difficult time sleeping last night.  My left arm was sore and would not get comfortable to sleep.  I finally came down the stairs and tried to sleep a bit in the comfy chair.  I slept there for about an hour and then went back upstairs to my bed.  The last time I peeked at the clock, it said 2:45 am.  I fell asleep soon after that and didn't wake up until 10:08 am.  I was so thankful I had several hours in a row sleeping.  I am tired as usual, but not the extreme exhaustion that I had yesterday.  I now have my pain medicine after not having any yesterday so I am hopeful that I will sleep better again.  that is my hope anyways!

Pain level is normal, not super bad, just the usual bad.  The pain meds really only take the edge off the pain at times.  Sometimes they do more, but not usually.  Usually, they only take off the edge.

I do hope that you have had a good day.  With 4 lessons, it was a good day!

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  1. Just wondering Heather, are you still able to play as much as you would like to with fibro? Or have you had to cut down?

    Sorry if it's a personal question, I was just wondering :)