Friday, May 27, 2011

another rainy and cold day

Last week at this time it was about 85 degrees with lots of humidity.  Today?  it is cold and rainy.  I am not sure what the temperature is exactly, but it can't be super high because I have been cold all day.

I had a semi decent sleep last night!  I was so excited when I woke up and realized I slept for 5 hours straight!  That doesn't happen too often with me.  this is also the second night in a row for this!  How cool is that?  I am praying for a 3rd night in a row!  I can only hope!

I have reread the Twilight series this week in preparation for reading the Short second life of Bree Tanner and the illustrated guide to Twilight.  They arrived yesterday.  I have already flipped through the Illustrated Guide and boy it is so cool.  I also ordered a couple of other books too.  I now belong to the Doubleday Book Club.  Dangerous I know, but the beginning orders are only $1 so how could I turn it down.  Then I will just buy 4 more books in the next 2 years.  I can do that.  There is bound to be at least 4 books that I want in the next 2 years not to mention there are birthdays and Christmas to buy for.

Calli and Acer had their lessons tonight.  They were a bit late but that is okay because I didn't have anyone after them.  Acer left his Fur Elise Music at home but he pretty much has it memorized.  He even does the parts that he learned last week playing both hands at the same time.  I couldn't show him the next two hand parts because, well, we didn't have the music and I don't have it memorized.  Calli started a new vocal song and it is one of my favorites.  She is doing well with her piano piece.  She counts very well.  I think we will be starting a bit more classical for her voice lessons this summer.  Not too much, just a bit.  I usually wait until they are about 12 close to 13 or 13 close to 14, but her voice is rather mature now and I think she could handle it.  All in all, both kids are doing very well and I am happy with their progress.  Acer is working on Candle on the Water for his vocal song.  It is so cute because he wants to learn whatever his sister learns.  She just finished Candle on the Water so it is his turn.  I wonder what he will do with the classical Italian music.  That will be interesting to see.  I look forward to hearing a 6 year old singing in Italian, because he generally knows his sister's music as well as his own.  They, like the rest of the kids, are such fun to teach.  I really like it a lot.

I don't have too many plans for the holiday weekend.  I was going to invite some people over, but I changed my mind.  I don't have the house the way i want it right now and I just am not up to being a hostess plus I don't have the money after all to pay for what I would want to serve.  I will wait and maybe have people over for July the 4th.  I will see.  I have one hour lesson tomorrow with Rick, one of my adults, and then Emily on Monday but nothing on Sunday.  I am pretty tired now, I wasn't earlier, but now I am.  I am just going to spend the holiday quietly and resting.  Soon, I will be starting to work in the family room.  I do plan, this weekend, to put all the VHS tapes in a bag ready for the thrift store.  When Kathy and I were there last week, I noticed they sell them so I am going to take them there.  Then I plan to put all the books that will fit back on the one set of shelves that is downstairs.  That will get rid of many boxes in the one side of the family room.  That is my goal for the weekend.  I think I can do that this weekend.

I do hope you are having a good day too.

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