Saturday, May 21, 2011

the unit is closed!!!!!

The storage unit (which I have had for 3 years) is officially closed and empty!!!  Kathy and Tony graciously came out to this end of the state this weekend to help me close it.  Well, this afternoon we did!  it is empty and the boxes are gone to the respective places that they need to be at.  Most of the stuff was donated and that is good.  Some of the stuff was not able to be donated so I need to ask my Katie about that because she mentioned the library she works at wants old reference books and boy do I have them.  The business boxes and a few treasure boxes of mine are all in the garage along with a few boxes of books.  I am thrilled to have them.  Tony, I must admit, did most of the work.  Kathy and i watched.  He is very good at seeing where things will fit and how they will go in (unlike me!)  He did a fantastic job.  We had 2 loads to go and that was it.  Having a van really made the difference, I think.  We used both my car and the van to bring stuff to the donation center.  I am just so happy that this is over.

After that Kathy and I went to get some blizzards from DQ.  I don't know why, but I had a taste for one so we went and got one.  Then we went to the thrift store so Kathy could look around.  She found some really cute things for Jacob and the girls.  Unfortunately, she didn't find anything for Matthew (who is now taller than his Mother!)  We went back to Kathy's house for dinner and enjoyed hanging out and talking.  Dinner was wonderful, it was pizza and it was something I haven't had in years!  It was very good.

I must say it has been such a good day!  We accomplished a big task that was looming over me like a dark cloud and now it is gone!  Tomorrow is a day of planning and rest!  Time to plan the details of the rest of the house.  I do hope your day is good and that it is sunny for you too!  (It was here all day!)


  1. Congratulations!! I know how badly you wanted that job finished...yay for all your helpers too! Now rest your weary muscles and get back to planning the rest of the house tomorrow..;j

  2. Hi Heather wow that is an awesome if I can get as motivated as you and get these boxes sorted and done..working on them a bit at a time..some days it's truly overwhelming..

    Thank you for stopping by, I always love when you visit! You sound like you are doing really well, girl! Proud of you! Your mom would be, too..


  3. Congratulations! I know getting that closed must be a relief!
    Thanks for your sweet comments about my bags! I really appreciate it when you stop by. :)
    Have a great Sunday.
    PS A Blizzard sounds so good right now!