Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

I did not sleep at all last night.  I think I drank too much Diet Coke.  I went out to eat yesterday and I shouldn't have had so much pop.  I also was having problems with my arms.  They were weak, uncomfortable, and they hurt no matter how I tried to sleep.  I finally got up at about 5:30 and went downstairs to read.  I finished the Secret Second Life of Bree Tanner and started the Illustrated Guide of Twilight.  I read until about 8:30 am and then went back to bed for a few hours.  I still had a bit of trouble sleeping, but I was able to sleep a bit.  I read some more this afternoon before taking a couple of hours nap before Emily's lesson.  She did very well.  She is just learning how to read notes so flash cards are a bit hard for her but she did it very well.  I am hoping to sleep better tonight.  It is so hard when the arms aren't very comfortable and they hurt.  They still hurt a bit, but I don't know why and it is driving me crazy.  I hope it is better tonight.

The Bachelorette is on right now.  It is insane show but I don't think there is anything else on.  It is a holiday and the usual shows are over now with most of my shows having their season finale last week or the week before.  I am hoping that I will be getting very sleepy soon so that I will go back to bed and hopefully sleep tonight.

I have a slightly busier week than usual as I have a blood test (the usual one, not a special one) on Wednesday.  I have to be there at 11:10 and I don't really like being up that early but I can always go to bed early if necessary.  I have 3 lessons that afternoon that I am excited about.  Tomorrow is Charlie's lesson.  He is collecting returnable cans and bottles for the relay for life that he and his girlfriend are participating in next weekend.  I have some more for him.  I meant to give it to him last week, but I forgot before he left.  I will hopefully remember before he leaves from his lesson.  He is the only lesson I have tomorrow so all the plans I had for the weekend (that I didn't do) I will do tomorrow.  The only thing I managed to do was to get the Little Women books out of the garage.  There are so many boxes in the garage right now that need to find a better home in there.  I will work on that later this month.  The inside of the house is my first priority.  I do hope by the heat of the summer my car will be in the garage now that the door is fixed.

It is finally warmer out, only we skipped the nice spring weather and jumped right into super hot and humid summer weather.  We are supposed get storms again tomorrow and then, possibly, 5 days in a row of no rain!  Can you just imagine?  It has rained so much these last few months that I forgot was sunny day after sunny day was like.  We had snow at the end of April and then pretty much tons of rain in May so I wonder what June will be like.  I am hoping that the summer will be filled with nice weather but not super hot.  I don't do very well with super hot but I will take that over super cold because at least I have air conditioning.  Thankful for that!

I am going to read a bit now.  I am re-reading Little Women.  I haven't read that book in many years.  My Mom bought me this edition in 1994 when the latest movie came out.  I have seen the other two, but the Elizabeth Taylor one was an exact remake of the Katherine Hepburn one and neither movie was exactly like the book, but the Winona Ryder one was closer.  Mom and I saw it together and I mentioned I would love to read the book again because I gave my old copy to a neighbor when I was 16.  At the time I was getting rid of all my "children" books because I was almost grown up and too old for these books.  Yeah, right.  Well Mom and I went to the book store a few days later and she bought me the book along with the Little Men and Jo's Boys books.  I was so pleased to discover last weekend that it did NOT get donated with the boxes of other books I had donated to the Rummage Sale 3 years ago.  This find really made my day last Saturday even better.  It just added to the excitement of closing the unit and having Kathy here for the weekend.  It was all around good.

I do hope this week is good.  Outside of the blood test, there isn't anything special or exciting just lots of wonderful lessons.  In 2 weeks I will go to the Arthritis Doctor for my test results.  I wish it was sooner, but it isn't.  Oh well, I can somewhat be patient.  i just hope my arms let me sleep tonight!

I hope your day was wonderful and spent with family and friends!

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