Saturday, May 14, 2011

getting ready for the concert

I am printing programs as we speak with the new printer.  Boy, is it slow.  I thought they were supposed to be faster and better.  I think I will use this one for scanning and copying only after this.  My oldie, but a goodie, prints much faster than this brand new one.  It isn't even like there are a ton of pages, we are talking, 20.  Then I get to design the front of the program and wait forever for it to print too.  I do like creating the programs though.  that is fun for me.  I don't know what I will do on the front, but it will look pretty.  My old printer can print on both sides which really comes in handy for these things, but I am out of color ink and it doesn't behave properly if I don't have both inks.  I have discovered this the last few months.  I will get the new ink later this month.  It just isn't on the important to do list.  I am looking forward to tomorrows concert.  I have 10 students performing, so I am printing 20 programs.  I hope that is enough, if not, oh well.  I will print a mast copy for the announcers.  It is easier that way.  I also have a master one for me.  Mom used to save them all but I have no where to put them anymore so I don't save them anymore.  Boy I miss mom for these things.  She used to help me get everything in order for the concerts and now my assistant isn't here anymore.  It is amazing what she used to help me with.  I would have had this program yesterday if she were here instead of today.

I had Kayla and Amanda's lessons this morning.  They are ready for their first concert.  Both are nervous, which is understandable as it is their first.  I am not sure outside of Calli who the announcers will be.  Probably Aggie will be one and then Calli.  Usually the Muglia girls take care of this for me, but they are unable to be in the concert because baby should be arriving any time now!  I am quite excited about the arrival too.  This will be number 9 in the family.  They are such a nice family.

I went and got the X-ray today.  The technician took 5 pictures of my hips and 5 of my spine.  Boy that table is super hard.  I am glad it is over and that I don't have to do it again for a while.  I wonder what they will find and whether or not it will tell them why I have been so sore, weak, and exhausted so much.  It is really getting in the way of doing things, the weakness I mean.  I am feeling okay mostly, today, but still my arms are so weak and uncomfortable.  I don't know what it means and I am tired of doctors.  (ooh, the printer finally stopped printing!)  I will be right back.  Time to make the cover and print that too.

Cover is done, just needs to start printing, which it should in a few minutes.  It takes a while for the printer to start too.  It is kind of annoying because part of me always wonders if it is going to print and print right.  I shall find out shouldn't I?  It is starting to print.  The first page printed backwards for some reason.  I fixed it.

So today was a slightly busy day with the lessons and the X-rays.  I hope that the testing is all finished at this point.

Tomorrow after the concert I am going to Calli and Acer's for dinner.  We will be having beef stew.  Yummy!!!  i love beef stew.  I make it in the crock pot every so often.  Right now my crock pot is waiting for the dishwasher to clean the inside pot.  Then this week I am going to make the last of the corned beef that I have.  I love corned beef but it is a seasonal thing for a roast although you can get it all year for lunch meat.  Sometimes I do that.  I really like corned beef a lot.  When my brother is in town and we go to the Irish Pub, I always get the corned beef meal.  It is so yummy!!!  Once, they messed up and made the wrong corned beef meal for me and they let us keep the mess up on free while they made the proper one.  I was glad because then Mom and I had a corned beef dinner for the next night.  Although I would have paid for it but they said no because they messed up.

It has been a good day, normal for pain wise, except for the weakness of the arms and body again.  Outside of that, I am having a normal pain level day.  I do hope you are having a good day too.


  1. What a busy day! I'm sure your students will all do well at the concert. You are a good teacher.

    Heather, I will look forward to hearing about your x-rays.

    I've had a good day and am thankful.

  2. I hope your x-rays turn out OK, Heather. I know how it is to lay on that hard table forever!!! Have fun at the concert. remember how you posted you wanted a Nook? In my opinion, FORGET THE NOOK. I got a Kindle for my birthday and just absolutely ADORE IT! You will to. It may not be in color, but how many books do you really read ARE in color? I don't read magazines a lot, so I don't need color. It even plays music to you while you read. Get the won't be sorry....and it's so much cheaper than the Nook. Mine was, I think, $139.00 or you can get one for $114.00 with advertisements on it.
    Have a great day!
    Hugs, Missy