Saturday, May 7, 2011

nice and sunny day out

The sunshine was so pretty this afternoon.  Katie came for her lesson and she helped me move the boxes out of the trunk.  I need an empty trunk tomorrow so that I can put Donna's wheelchair in it.  I hope I remember to bring everything I need to bring tomorrow.  I am not very good at remembering these details.  I did write down what to bring tomorrow.  I am picking her up at 11:30 am.  Yes, that is earlier than I like to get up on a Sunday, but not by much.  I will be up at 11 am and then off to get her.  She doesn't live very far from me.  We are heading out but I am not sure exactly where we are going until I get her tomorrow.

After I drop Donna back home tomorrow, I want to go and get a few more boxes from the storage unit.  I almost have everything I want from it except the business boxes.  Those are still there right now.  I hope by next week they will be gone and put here in the garage.  I hate filling up the garage again, but it can't be helped right now.  Once the family room is finished the boxes of books that I have brought back will be put away on the shelves so that won't be a problem.  The business boxes will stay in the garage because there is no point in them coming in the house to take up space.

I went looking for the receipt for our latest furnace to see if it had any info of how to take care of it now that that is my department.  It was on Mom's dresser.  It must have gone with the rest of her stuff so I have absolutely no info on the make, the brand or even what year this was all done.  I am a little upset that important receipts have disappeared.  you would think that after one look it would be put in my room to keep.  Guess I was wrong.  I am so going to be here whenever anything else is being donated or thrown away because too much stuff that I have had to buy again has disappeared.  It is just frustrating.  I will be contacting Julie for help with the family room after the storage unit is empty.  That is project number one.  Katie has stated that on Fridays she is available to help empty stuff so I may have her come after school before Calli and Acer's lessons and help me get rid of some more stuff.  The more I do now the better it will be when Tony and Kathy are here.  My main goal is to bring what I want home so that I know everything is pretty much going to be donated in the unit.  I will look at the boxes in case there is something.  Somewhere in there are good dictionaries that I want and another good reference book.  I think I have most of my reading books in the garage now, but I am not sure.  I will just check as we go along.  Katie was saying something about the library wanting old reference books.  We may be taking some to her work then.  She will find out this week.  I know there are a few boxes of old reference books.  I am anxious to get this project finished and over with correctly without anything going to the wrong place.  I want my reading books and the sewing books, but other than that, outside of the business boxes and the writing books, everything else can go.  Then I will start on the inside downstairs.  I figure by end of summer it will be finished.  I have some shelving units that need to be switch and some furniture that need to be switched around.  I dread having to bring the furniture back upstairs and the other stuff back downstairs but I want it done.  The living room furniture will allow for some pictures and things to be placed in the living room because there is the coffee table and the two end tables.  The living room will look very nice.  The princess table will go in between the two chairs that go with the set.  Overall, I think it will look very nice.

I dread and don't dread tomorrow.  I am spending some of it with Donna and the rest of it alone, but that is nothing new, I spend a lot of time alone.  I think of Mom all the time, so that won't be new either.  With the living room furniture back upstairs I will be able to put some more family pictures on the tables.  That will be nice.  I have a few I want to put in frames as well as some of the ones I already have in frames.  My room will be the last room finished.  The dining room will get done as the family room does since the books and the DVDs are going back downstairs where they belong.  I want the dining room to be more of a dining room not a media room like it is now.  I will start to save money for a new TV in the fall for the family room.  I have a nice DVD player so that doesn't need to be replaced.  The new printer will sit down in the office and the old one will be up here.  I plan to bring out the other computer downstairs too.  It won't be attached to the Internet as there won't be a way to do it, as of right now.  but I may be able to later.  It doesn't really matter as I do most of the stuff here at the table in the dining room.  I just want one printer on the counter and that is it.  The DVD player will go on the stool with the cable thing on top of it like I had before the desk came in the room.  The desk will be donated as there will not be room for it downstairs.

I do hope you are having a good day.

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  1. You sound busy! It was finally warm and sunny here, too. I even got a bit of a burn!
    Thanks for your sweet comments today on my blog. I hope you have a sweet day tomorrow at your lunch.
    Take care,