Thursday, August 18, 2011

2 day lesson

I had Breanna and a new student, Logan.  He is 16 and very nice.  He is not comfortable reading his notes, especially in bass clef.  He does sight read pretty well, better than I think he thinks.  I have him starting a Sonatina by Clementi and he borrowed a book for sight reading.  He has flash cards and will be doing them in the next two weeks.  He won't be able to practice next week because he will be at his dad's but when he gets back to his mothers, he will be able to practice again.  I really like him.  My teenagers are going to really like him as he is very nice and I think they will think he is cute.  Breanna did very well today.  She has picked her piano song, she is going to play "Money Can't Buy Everything" from her lesson book.  She is singing 2 songs with her guitar.  She brought another song from Lady Gaga, but it wasn't as good as the other two.  It was a good song, but I just think the other two that she picked are better than this particular one.  Breanna has a harder time with piano than she does with voice.  She is practicing so she is really getting better but I think at times she doesn't see the progress she has made.

I have been getting calls for lessons in the fall.  One Mom called and she wants lessons for about $15 a half hour which is not the going rate at this time.  The rates are anywhere from $20 to $25 per half hour.  I don't know where she gets her prices as she said she has called a few and that is what they are charging.  I hope she finds a teacher within her price.  I charge $21 per half hour.  I talked to another Mom who has 2 children so I may have them starting soon.  I don't know for sure, I will find out soon.  I do need a few new students, that is for sure!  I am hopeful for more students this fall.  I will need to contact my old students to see what they are planning to do.  I do not know if Kayla or Amanda will be coming back.  Amanda is such a good student.  She is enthusiastic and works so hard.  Kayla works hard but she is so picky about songs.  If she doesn't like it right away, she won't do it, which makes it a bit hard to pick songs for her.  She is a lovely girl though and I do enjoy working with her.  They are the only two who quit for the summer so I am hopeful that they will come back.  I am thinking I should be in a better position than I was last fall but of course, I am alone with the bills now instead of having my little mom with me now.  I am thankful for the students I have and am hopeful for a few more.  I only need a few more because then I will get to the amount that I can earn before it affects my disability.  I am thankful to be close to that.

It has been a good day.  I had a bad headache this afternoon.  I finally took some Advil and then went to take a nap.  That helped bring the head down to the regular headache.  I am glad that the nap helped.

I do hope that you have had a good day too.

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  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll get some more students. You're such a warm person that I'm sure you make a great teacher, and any student would be luck to have you.