Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 lesson day!

I had three lessons today.  Charlie is at band camp so he will have an hour lesson next week to make it up.  I am watching NCIS right now as usual since it is a Tuesday.  I looooove these shows (NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles) so much.  Tonight's episode, surprisingly, isn't one I don't recall seeing before.  It is a nice surprise to be watching an episode I don't remember.  Yeah!  I know I have missed some NCIS Los Angeles this year, but I usually watch the regular NCIS.

Anyways, it hasn't been too bad for the pain without the main pain killers.  With the Meloxicam, the Tylenol is helping with pain.  I did have a bad headache for a bit this afternoon since I was so tired but I took some Tylenol and that has helped some.

I didn't get much sleep until after about 7 am this morning.  I went to bed at 10 like I often do.  I was very tired.  I slept until about 1:30 am and then I couldn't sleep after that.  I stopped taking my prescription Zantac to see what would happen.  Not a smart move on my part.  Oh my gosh!  By 3 am my tummy was so awful.  I had heartburn and acid like I haven't had in a while.  (Of course, I haven't had it in about 3 years except for the odd time because I take my Zantac)  It was just horrible.  I came down and took one about 4 am and some Mylanta at about 5 am.  It was just horrible, I felt so bad.  I finally fell asleep about 7 am for a few hours so once again, my sleep pattern stinks.  I will pray for a better night tonight.

I am excited to see Harry Potter on Thursday.  I looooooove that movie!  It is definitely the best one ever!!!!!!  and I mean ever of the Harry Potter Movies!!!!!!  It is funny because the 7th book is not my favorite book but the movie is my favorite, well the 2nd part of the movie is my favorite!!!  I am to pick up my girls at 12:30 pm and then we will go to the 1 pm movie.  It will be awesome.  We 4 Harry Potter fanatics watching the movie together.  What could be better?  Okay, so I do know of something that could be better, but this is the 2nd best thing.  I am looking so forward to seeing it with them.  I also can't wait for the music to be available for piano because I know 3 young ladies who will play every song in the book.  I know them well.  I, of course, will have to play them all first so that I can teach them the songs, but hey, that will be no problem.  I also saw the first preview for Breaking Dawn part 1.  That looks good too.  I will have to watch Eclipse still, but I will between now and November.  I am starting to get back into movies again.  I am also starting to enjoy reading again and not just to pass time.  I still miss my mother all the time and wish she were here, but it is getting better some days, especially on the days that I have more than 1 lesson on.  Tomorrow is a 2 lesson day.  Carson will get his new music and Beth just got a couple of new songs so she is all set.

August will be an interesting month with lessons and the summer concert at the end of the month.  So far, Rachel and family is definitely coming.  Laith is not interested in playing, just watching, so that will be fun.  Charlie will have his family's pig roast the day before, but he thinks he will be just fine to play in it.  Both Bob and Rick will be away so they will not be there.  It is a bummer, but hey, vacations happen and I knew that someone would have a conflict.  I also will be most likely, taking a trip to Chatham, Ontario to see the placing of my mother's gravestone.  That is the only trip to Canada I plan to make this summer.  Perhaps in the fall I will go and visit but right now I can't afford to go except for the one trip that I have planned.  It should be ready in a few weeks.  Andrew is taking care of it so I guess he will let me know when it is placed and when we will go to see it.

I do hope it has been a good day for you.  It was a pretty good one despite the lack of sleep again.

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