Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stormy Day

It is thunder storming out right now and it has been for the afternoon.  I can hear the rain hitting the attic fan right outside my room when I was up there a bit ago.  No lessons for the day.  That is a normal Saturday right now, but I am hoping in the fall that will change.  So with no lessons, there isn't much going on.  I am reading some of the books I found in the box in my room yesterday.  I am very excited about that.  I have some movies that I haven't watched yet that I might put in the DVD player.  I don't know.  We shall see.

My head is a bit worse than usual, but not like it was yesterday, just a bit so I am glad about that.  I have one lesson tomorrow and then I have to go and pick up some ink for the scanner so I can scan some music in for my new students.  Their mom was really wishy washy about getting books so I am not even sure she knows what she wants.  In a case like this, I am just copying the music I have.  I will not go and buy their books because she sounds like she doesn't know if they want to play the piano.  I have already had one mom not pay me back for the books and I don't need another.  Most do, which is why I often pick up the books, but not all of them.  With the addition of these two young students, I will have students from 4:30 to 7:00 solid, I am very excited about that.  Mondays will be brilliant and beautiful.  My Rachel from Tuesday at 2 pm will be moving to Monday at 4:30 pm because of school.  I am not sure what time my Elizabeth at 3 pm on Tuesday will be moving to.  I shall find out in the next few weeks.  So far, I am so glad about all the lessons that I am getting.  I had 18 students last week and it was wonderful.  This week will not have as many as my Muglia girls are only once a month but I will be busy with the 2 new ones on Monday.  All in all, fall is shaping up pretty well.

I am going to go and make some dinner now then I am going to read.  I am a bit tired and I expect to go to bed a bit earlier than usual (which means sometime before midnight, 1 am , 2 am).  I did sleep a bit better last night with the pain meds.  I do hope your day is good too.

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  1. Hi, Heather! I hope your head gets better. I'd LOVE to have a thunderstorm about now. Hope you have a good weekend!