Monday, August 22, 2011

whew! Another busy Monday!

I had 5 lessons today.  Not as many as last Monday, but still quite a few.  I had two new little ones start today.  I hadn't bought all the books they need because I was not sure if they would continue or not.  It is hard at times when they are small and the  mom isn't sure they want to play.  Both did very well with their first lessons.  Joiene is 5 and Benjy is 6 and they are so cute!  Camille, Bob, and Emily all had their lessons too.  I am tired now as I haven't had 4 lessons in a row in so long!  It is a nice tired feeling though, not a bad tired feeling.  I am thankful that I can teach that many lessons in a row and starting next week I will have 5 lessons in a row on Mondays because Rachel will be switching to Mondays.

My lovely neighbors, the Hubels, are edging my lawn.  Talk about being awfully neighborly!  Addison hasn't done it at all, he started to do one part and because it hadn't been edged in years, he got frustrated and stopped.  I didn't really care although I prefer an edged look.  since I can't do it myself, I am not going to make Addison do it although now that it is done, he can continue with it.  That would be good.  I am going to bake a lot of cookies for the Hubel family for doing this for me.  They are wonderful neighbors.  Their daughter, Carolyn was the young lady who came and stayed with Mom when I would go shopping for groceries and stuff like that.  She was very good with mom.  Her mom was one of the first people I called when I found out Momma couldn't swallow.  They are a really nice family.  There are 5 kids and they are all homeschooled except for Melissa who is in her 2nd year of college.  She seems to be enjoying it there.

Overall, it has been a nice day.  Everyone did very well at lessons and I like my new students a lot (not that I doubted that one!)  I plan to finish reading my book, watch design star and sometime soon make me some dinner.  I think I will have a pasta meal.  They are awfully yummy and I have a few left in the freezer.  I didn't pull any chicken out to eat today so that sounds yummy.  I have an exciting week ahead of me.  Tomorrow is a few lessons but I will need the time to straighten up the dining room table, vacuum the floors, and generally clean up the kitchen, Wednesday my lovely friend, Kathleen and her 2 little ones are coming for lunch.  I will pick up a few things tomorrow for it.  It should be an lovely time. I am so excited to see her.  The weekend will bring a party at Charlie's and then the summer concert with the BBQ after so all in all a great week for me!

I do hope your day is great too!

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