Monday, August 15, 2011

a very busy Monday

I had 8 lessons today!  It was wonderful.  I had my lovely Muglia's this afternoon plus the regulars after, Bob, Camille, and Emily.  Beth needed to have a lesson today as she is planning to be out of town on Wednesday so that brought the lessons to 8.  I am rather tired now but it is a nice tired for a change.  I plan on going to bed early as I want to be up a bit earlier tomorrow because I need to pick up some flashcards for McKenzie tomorrow night.  I also need to get Rachel and Sarah their level B books.  I think Laith will also need them too rather shortly so I think I will pick them up tomorrow too.  This way I have them when I need them.  I am not sure about the books for my new students because she isn't even sure they are going to stick with piano.  She sounds rather dippy.  She didn't understand what I was saying about books.  I am not going to buy the books for her because I am afraid she won't pay me back like Elizabeth's Mom.  She didn't pay me back for Elizabeth's books so I won't be buying anymore books for her.  I am going to buy the computer game and Emily will be the first one to borrow it.  I will load it on my computer first and then she can try it.  I plan to loan it to Rachel the week after when I get it back from Emily.  Then I will have one of the Muglia girls download it for Sarah next month.

The concert plans are coming along nicely.  I started the list of who is playing what.  Naturally, I can't remember who is doing what and I just saw 6 people who are going to be in the concert today.  I will write it down next week when I have the students lessons.

Tomorrow is just a shorter day, 4 lessons.  After Elizabeth's lesson I will go and get my hair washed and dried at the hairdressers.  I go once a week because it helps me a lot.  With the left shoulder rather frozen, I have a very difficulty washing my own hair as I can't lift that arm up very high so I go to where I get my hair cut.  It is very helpful to me.  I go every Tuesday.  Wednesday, Katie is coming over to help put away some of the music.  While she is putting away the sheet music and books, I will tend to the CDs and put them away.  Then I will have her bring up the original CDs to my room.  She is such a lovely young woman.  Katie has grown so much in the past 4 years.  I am so proud of her and so happy to be a part of her life.  She is planning to go to competition this year.  I told her if her parents don't go with her she could just stay with me as I will have a suite because I am on the executive board.  I will be getting the judges and help with the luncheon.  I am very nervous about hiring judges because I have never done it before.  I will be working on the luncheon with Jessica and she has done it for the last few years so that won't be so bad.  Both Patty and Diane said they would help me with getting the judges like where to start, websites to look at and things such as that.  I am not sure how many I will have at competition this year.  I know that Aggie and Katie are going.  I am not sure if Rebecca will be back and go to competition.  I think Breanna is planning to go to competition but I know Beth is not.  I don't know about my new little ones for piano.  Hey, as long as they continue to learn as the play and sing that is the most important to me.  I am happy for those who want to go.

I have 2 new little ones starting next Monday.  I tried to talk to the Mom about the books they will need and she seems like she doesn't understand.  I will have to get a theory and a notespeller books because I don't have them.  I have to check to see if I still have the lesson book because I know Charlie has one but I don't if I have anymore.  I have the numbers written down so I can go and pull them.  I am not buying the books until she says either she will pick them up or will pay me back.  I will price the books tomorrow so I will know how much she will have to pay whether or not she picks them up or I do.

Outside of being super tired at this point, I have had a really nice day.  I forgot what it was like to have taught 8 lessons in one day.  I am very happy about that.  The pain level is normal mostly.  I am getting a bit of a worse headache than usual, but I think that is because I am so exhausted.  I do hope you are having a good day too.

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  1. I'm happy that you have so many lessons, and that your pain is at normal levels. You seem really upbeat, which is great. I'm sure you will find good judges for your competition, and I hope that your students do well. :)