Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting Ready for the Concert

I just finished the concert order and emailed a copy over to Calli as she is also planning to be an announcer.  This way she can Braille out the order for herself so she will feel more confident in announcing.  She does a very good job.  She is simply a wonderful young lady.  Calli is also coming with me to go grocery shopping for the concert as there is a BBQ afterwards.  I am really looking forward to that.  Calli will be very helpful to me.  She is a very helpful young lady.  We do have to go to 2 different places tomorrow.  I am picking her up at about 1:30 for shopping.  The only thing left for the concert is the program cover.  I am going to do that tomorrow as I am getting tired right now.

It has been a good day.  Calli, Acer, and Breanna all had their lessons today.  I spoke to a young girl about voice lessons but I do think that she lives very far away so I don't expect to her back from her again.  I also spoke to a mom who is looking for musicians for her son's band.  I did talk to Breanna about it because she is the one I thought about.  I did consider mentioning this to Logan, but he is still working on learning to read music so he may not be ready.  I will think about mentioning this to Logan when I see him on Thursday.

Tomorrow is also the party at Charlie's house.  He won't be in the concert as there are family members who come to the party and plan to stay until Sunday evening so he won't be available.  Heather B-T and her family are planning to go to the party too.  I have to mapquest his address so I know where I am going.  I am planning to go for a little bit of time not a long time.  I am excited about going to the party.  I haven't been to a party in a while.  I have to look for my chair in the garage.  I sure hope it is there.  I don't want to have to buy another camping chair.

Calli helped me with the laundry tonight.  I needed both outer and under clothing.  I have them now done thanks to my lovely helper.  She is such a good helper.  Apparently, she does a lot of laundry at home.  Acer and Calli are learning to cook too.  That will be good for them when they are older.  I do know how to cook a lot of things, but unless I have company, I don't really like cooking.  That is my biggest problem, the fact that I don't particularly like cooking.  I do need to take my indoor grill to the appliance repair store so that I can get a cross bar for it.  Until I have it, I can't use my grill and that stinks.

This week is going to be a busy week.  Julie and Lily will be over to help with the family room on Wednesday.  Monday is filled with lessons and so is Tuesday.  Thursday will have 2 lessons, one early and one in the evening.  Friday will be the usual Calli and Acer.

I am feeling better today than I was yesterday.  i didn't really sleep that well last night, not that that is unusual or anything, but with me not feeling well, I really needed to sleep better.  Tonight I will be setting my alarm so that I get everything done that I need to in a timely manner.  I have some prescriptions that need to be picked up too and I need to make a deposit at the bank.  I will do that before I pick up Calli simply because the bank is close to my house and the store we are heading for is close to her house although she does only live 8 minutes away from me.  The other thing I need to do for the concert is to make a CD for the concert.  I won't have the music for Aggie's songs, but that is okay.  Next time I will try to remember to copy her CD before the concert so I can make 1 CD for the concert.

I hope you are having a good night and that tomorrow will be nice too.  I am looking forward to tomorrow evening's party at Charlie's house.  I have been wanting to attend for a couple of years but because of other commitments and issues I just couldn't attend so this will be my first pig roast ever.

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