Monday, August 8, 2011

The beginning of a cooler week!

Thank goodness it is suppose to be cooler this week.  I am very excited about that.  We are looking at high 70s and low 80s instead of the 90s that we have been having.  I think I can breathe better now.

It has been a decent day.  I had 4 lessons.  I didn't have my girls because their Dad is on vacation but I will see them next week.  I am possibly having another new student from the new company starting possibly next week.  I am really hoping so!  I am hoping for a few more new students this fall.  That will make it so much easier for paying the property taxes.  As it is I am not sure how I can make a payment this month.  I really don't know.  It is the beginning of the month still so I shall have to wait and see how the month goes.  I do have 1 new student next week who will only have 1 lesson this month because of the way the month works.  I do have McKenzie again next week for her lesson.  If her mom sees that she is practicing without being told to, she will switch to every week lesson.  I do hope that she is doing well.  She needs to brush up on her Treble Clef notes and learn her Bass Clef notes.

I have 3 lessons tomorrow with 1 on Wednesday and 1 on Thursday.  I am thinking about picking up Donna on Wednesday for the afternoon for some fun.  We do inexpensive things so there isn't too much cost to that.  I am not sure what we will do.  I do want her to see Harry Potter because it is so good but I am not sure at this point because when I checked the movie website it didn't have the listing.  I don't understand why they don't have the listing but they don't.  I am going to check another theatre.  The other theatre does not have convenient times either.  I also think it is a more expensive theatre too.  I will check the AMC theatre tomorrow for Wednesday.  I don't know why it isn't listed.  The rest of the week isn't listed either so I will have to check again tomorrow.  I have never had this problem before with the website.  I know that Donna likes to do things really early but I am not a morning person so that is just not going to happen.  She usually wants me to pick her up super early but I am lucky if I can get there for noon.  It is one of the reasons I don't see her a whole lot because I have a difficult time getting up early.  I just don't get up too often before noon.  That is just how it works in the house.  I think the movie will be starting at around 12:30 or 1 pm.  That would be perfect for us.  Then I would be home in time for my evening lesson.

Katie is coming next week to help put away the music after her lesson.  That will be super helpful.  The Emerton's will be back on the 19th so after that they are going to help with the family room.  I am thankful for that.  I also need to call the Salvation Army for the pick up this week or next.  I have the desk in the dining room, a step machine in the family room as well as another TV and stand.  I also want to get to the bar stools, there are 5 of them.  The shuffleboard needs to go to but we won't be able to get to it until later as it is along the wall and we won't be able to get it out.  The one side of the family room will be a TV/Library and the other side will be for sewing and crafts.  I also need to get rid of some of the violins.  I am going to take a few of those to the resale shop for antiques and crafts to see if I can sell some. I made them for donations to schools to their school auctions but since the store closed, I don't really get any calls for donations.  I did donate 4 of them this year.  2 to my friend Jacqueline and 2 to Katie for the Red Cross.  I think that leaves me 12 left not including the 2 that have not been painted yet. I would put them in the garage except that it isn't good for them.

It has been a decent day.  I enjoyed my 4 lessons.  I have lovely plans for the week so it shall be a nice one.  I do hope your day is good too.

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