Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Harry Potter Day!!!

Yes, it is true.  I was able to go and see Harry Potter 7B again.  I simply love that movie.  It is so good and there are so many parts that are great.  When Harry finds out Snape is a good guy, when the Malfoys walk away from Voldemort.  those are just 2 of the many, many, many wonderful moments.  I mean the character, Neville has just grown from the 1st book to the last.  He has turned out to be a wonderful wizard, a definite proud, brave Griffendor.  I just can't choose anymore moments, you must see the movie for yourself!  I just love how brave the students are and how they fight evil.  There are some sad parts too as with all battles some don't make it.  That is sad, very sad.  Losing a good person in a battle is not a good thing but they fought the good fight.  I like the part when Harry was in the forest where his parents show up with Remus and Sirius.  That was very cool.  It is neat when Sirius tells Harry that they are always in his heart.  Neville basically says the same thing when he comes face to face with Voldemort.  Overall, it is just a great movie.  I think it is the best out of all of them.  It is definitely done very well.

Going to the movie is pretty much all I did this afternoon.  I was so exhausted by the late afternoon and my head hurt so much, I had to lie down for a bit.  I had a rough beginning of the night so I didn't sleep that well.  I was fine until I was lying down last night, then all of a sudden, tears, lots and lots of tears.  I don't know why my brain all of a sudden starting thinking about what some of my relatives said about me not being over my mother, but I was crying, hard.  It didn't last too long, but long enough, then I was able to go to sleep.  Thank Goodness!  I was very glad about that.  I woke up and then hurried to get ready to go and pick up my girls!  We had a good time this afternoon.

I am watching Project Runway, something I have never seen before.  These designs are so something I would never wear.  It is really insane.  These shows are so interesting though.  There really isn't anything else on right now so this just happens to be on.  I am not really into fashion, although nothing is better than a good fit.  I do like the Elisabeth line from Liz Clayborne.  Her fits are so good for plus size people.  I am working on losing a bit of weight so that I can fit into my awesome jeans again.  I have great colored jeans but they are too tight right now.  I will fix that by Christmas!  That is my goal.  I want to stop having to wear my sweats during the winter because my cute pants are too tight.  That is why I started my other blog with Kathy so she and I can not only encourage each other, but get encouragement from others.  So far, it has been a big help because the biggest thing I have changed, is that I am adding more fruit to my diet.  I am working on NOT going to get food from fast food or Tim Horton's everyday.  that is this month's goal.  I also need to add MORE exercise.  I am going to be trying to exercise before I go to bed.  This way, 1 - I am exercising, and 2 - it will help tire me out and perhaps I will sleep better.

It has been a wonderful day!  I really enjoy spending extra time with my girls!  I do hope your day is good too.

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  1. YAY, you finally made it!!! It sounds like it was worth the wait...yipee!